Top 10 Most Famous Native Americans

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America has been a land of different varieties of races of people residing on it. After Christopher Columbus discovered America, many Europeans migrated to the newly discovered land full of untapped resources and potentials. Many British and other people including Europeans and Africans were living on the continent while it was under the autonomy of Britain. And when the country got independent from the clutches of colonialism, the immigrants and other countries natives began to inhabit there. With the country at the apex of development and adopted immigrations policy, many people from around the world jumped over there for various reasons such as study, job opportunity, settlement and so on.

Now it has become a concoction of races of people and people envisage different races when the inhabitants of the continent come into mind. From history to present, many people of the continent have come into light and almost all of them seem to have foreign root. But, what about the indigenous people of the continent who were living there even before Columbus discovered it. Here is the list of top 10 famous indigenous inhabitants, known as Native Americans.

10. Sitting Bull

sitting bull- most famous native americanSitting Bull (English translated from Lakota dictionary) is believed to be one of the most powerful and imposing Native American chiefs by most people. Also nicknamed as ‘Slow’, Sitting Bull was born in what is now called South Dakota, in 1831. After gold was discovered in Black Hill, a sacred place for Native Americans, the white people and the government rushed to seize the resource, much to the dismay of the Native Americans. However, it was him who led the Sioux people into the battles against the confrontation of the government. Often touted as a stubborn leader against the whites encroachment, he won few battles against the too, but were not enough and ultimately surrendered to the government. He was then killed by the government officials after he was suspected to participate in the Ghost Dance movement in 1890.

9. Touch the Clouds

Touch the clouds- most famous native americansMahpiya Icahtagya, as translated into ‘Touch the Clouds’ by Lakota dictionary, was another chief of Sioux and is known for his leadership, bravery and diplomacy. He was born in 1838, in Cheyenne Water Reservation. He took over the reign of his band after his father passed away. Also, it was him who guided the band during th Great Sioux War of 1876. After he laid down his gun in front of the then General Crook, he was described as “an honorable and peaceful Indian, a man of good character, a very fine man, deprecated hostilities and was a peacemaker.”  He also enlisted in Indian Scouts and also served as the first sergeant for Company E. Shortly after, he along with his band returned to Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota, and lived for his remainder of his life until 1905.

8. Charles Curtis

Charles Curtis- most famous native americansCharles Curtis is the first person, with Native American roots and to attain the highest rank in US government which was the vice president. Born in Kansas, in early sixties of eighteenth century, Curtis was an impotent political figure from the Republican Party. He was born to a Native American mother and European father. He stood as US senator from Kansas for long, and later was chosen as Senate Majority Leader by his Republican fellows. He was elected, together with Herbert Hoover as president, in 1928 with an overwhelming victory. After he died at the age of 76, his house in Kansas was enlisted on the National Register of Historic Places.

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