Top 10 Famous People with Dyslexia

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3. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Life is not what you plan to be but it might turn out to be much better. This is what happened to the Mission: Impossible actor Tom Cruise. Cruise had a rough childhood due to his bully father and nomadic lifestyle of his family. He frequently changed schools and in addition to this, Cruise experienced difficulty in reading and writing. He struggled to memorize even simple things.

However, with the continual support of his mother and sister, he later figured out a way and went to become a most-sought after actor and producer in Hollywood. Cruise has been nominated for three Academy awards and has won three Global Awards.

2. Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

Picasso is a name synonymous to art. The twentieth century master is said he was unable to distinguish between the orientations of letters and was called as “Reading Blind”, the condition which was later coined as dyslexia by German doctor. Picasso’s irrepressible creativity is seen in his paintings and sculptures. He is a co-founder of cubist movement which revolutionized modern art and sculpture.

Recent studies by the scientist claim that his magnificent arts could be the boons of his dyslexic mind that could visualize images and spaces with intrinsic imagination.

1. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein- Famous people with Dyslexia

Considered as the man of the twentieth century, it might come as a surprise to know that this pure intellect mind suffered from dyslexia. It is said that Einstein had difficulty in speaking and could form proper sentences properly unusually late than other normal children. In his schooling years he is reported to be thrown out of class telling that he would not amount to much.

Who knew that the very child would one day present marveling theory of general relativity .Nonetheless recently there have been claims that on contrary to popular beliefs that Einstein failed in mathematics during his primary education, he was a genius from a early childhood and even mastered calculus before he turned fifteen.


The life of the people presented above is an inspiration to a human kind. One cannot choose what one is born with but one can always act to overcome the deficiencies created by the random chances. Regardless of the difficulties a dyslexic mind has to undergo, there is no field that a dyslexic cannot accomplish for the history as well as the present world is abound with the stories of successful entrepreneurs, greatest scientists and inventors, talented actors and leaders.

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