Top 10 Great Footballers Who Committed Suicide

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7. Alan Davies (1961-1992)

Alan Davies- Top football player who committed suicide

Alan Davies was an England born Welsh footballer who played as a right winger but could also play with the same fluency on the left. Born of 1961, he started his career with Manchester United and moved on to several other First division clubs like Newcastle United, Charlton Athletic and Swansea City. Although born to English parents, he chose to play for the Welsh national team and got to play for the U-21 as well as the senior team but could score no international goals. He capped a total of 13 caps for the Wales national team in his seven years of international football career. He died in 1992 by committing suicide and even a testimonial match was played between his favorite club Swansea City and his parent club Manchester United at the Vetch Field the same year in August.

6. Hughie Gallacher (1903-1957)

Hughie Gallacher- Top footballer who committed suicide

Hugh Kilpatrick “Hughie” Gallacher was a prolific Scottish football player also named as the “Wembly Wizard” and was born on 2 February, 1903. He played most of his games for over a decade after 1920s and scored a total of 463 goals in his 624 senior games. Though short in height, he had a great control, guile and the ability to get past the defenders with ease. He had a great striking, dribbling, heading and tackling ability. He is the first ever player to score five goals in a single match twice. Gallacher played most of the games in several clubs of England like Newcastle United and Chelsea. He had an amazing international career with 23 goals in 20 appearances and the best includes the 5-1 win against England in the Wembley in 1928. Hughie, one day after his retire was home drunk and tossed a lamp on the newspaper and hurt his son mistakenly and faced a police confrontation because of which he was denied access to meet his child. One fine day, on 11 June, 1957, he walked in front of an express train and killed himself.

5. Carlos Jose Castilho (1927-1987)

Carlos Jose Castilho- Top footballer who committed suicide

Carlos Jose Castilho was born on 27 November, 1987 in Brazil and was a three times World Cup winning goal keeper. He started his professional footballing career at Fluminense where he played from 1947 to 1964 before getting chance to play for Brazil. He was included in four world Cups in 1950, 1954, 1958 and 1962 but could feature in only three games in the 1954 WC. Known for his ability to make impossible saves, he was said to be the goalkeeper to have the best luck in the world. Almost all the ball hit the post when he played in goal and he was called “Leiteria” (lucky man) by his opponents. He was very hard working and did not care about the bruises or pains. In a total of 696 games that he played for the Fluminense side, he conceded a total of 777 goals and had a total of 255 clean sheets in a single run. He even coached clubs in Brazil before committing suicide on 2 Februrary, 1987.

4. Hughie Ferguson (1898-1930)

Hughie Ferguson- top 10 footballers who committed suicide

Renowned as one of the modest and fair play striker ever in the Scottish Footballing history, Hugh “Hughie” Ferguson was born on 2 March, 1898. He is one of the historic Scottish football to have scored 350 league goals. With an average of 0.855 goals per game, the player was never capped for the Scotland side. Together with this, he won a 1927 FA Cup final for Cardiff City with his winning goal which also was said to have been by the mistake of Arsenal goalkeeper Dan Lewis. He started his career with Parkhead Junions in 1914 and won the Scottish Junior Cup the very year. Ferguson also played or Motherwell and Dundee. Though he did not feature in any international games, the centre forward was the main attraction at the Scottish League and was transferred to Dundee right after he returned back from Cardiff for a fee of 500 euros. He then lacked his form because of an injury and was dropped from the team which sank him into depression and he committed suicide by gassing himself on 9 January, 1930 at the Dens Park right after his training session.

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