Top 10 Great Footballers Who Committed Suicide

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3. Syd King (1877-1933)

Syd King- Top football players who committed suicide

Ernest Sydney also named as the ‘Syd” King was born on 1873 in Chatham, Kent and is regarded as the most important figure in the early history of the West Ham United Football Club. King was a footballer and a manager during his life. Sydney started his professional football career as a full back in Northfleet club and most be the first player to ever score a hat-trick of suicide goals while playing against Swindon Town. He also played for the New Brompton in 1897 and Thames Ironworks. Syd King made 16 appearances in his first season in the Southern League Division One together with 7 FA Cup appearances. He became the first ever person to manage West Ham United after playing for them until 1903. King was rich and loved drinking. In 1933, King committed suicide after his side were relegated in the summer of 1932 as all of his reputations and his career were in questions. He died of drinking alcohol mixed with a corrosive liquid.

2. Gary Speed (1969-2011)

Gary Speed- Top football Player who committed suicide

Welsh Footballer and manager Garry Andrew Speed was born on 8 September, 1969 and was one of the best player for over a decade after 1984 in English first division football. After getting into the Leeds United youth academy in 1984, Speed got chance to debut his professional football career from the same club in 1988 where he won the First Division Championship in 1992. He also played for other premier league sides namely Everton, Newcastle United, Bolton Wanderers and Sheffield United. Gary was also the captain of the national football team of Wales until he retired from the international football at 2004. The left-side attacking midfielder still remains the most capped outfield player for Wales. Speed retired from his footballing career at 2010 at Sheffield United where he was appointed manager but he left to coach the Wales national team just after 10 months. He also was the first player to surpass highest number of gameplays in the Premier league with 535 appearances just before David James took over the place. It was on November 27, 2011 where Speed committed suicide by hanging himself right after the night he was interviewed as a guest on Football Focus, a television Program on BBC One and moved to Old Trafford with his friend Alan Shearer to watch his side play against Manchester United. The main reason behind his suicide still remains a mystery.

1. Robert Enke (1977-2009)

Robert Enke- Top football player who committed suicide

Robert Enke was one of the finest German born football player who started his football career as a goal keeper. Born on 24 August, 1977, Enke started his professional footballing career with Carl Zeiss Jena and was soon transferred to Borussia Monchengladbach in 1996 where he made a total of 36 appearances. Enke played for several leading football clubs like Barcelona, Benefica and Fenerbahce but most of his time of the career was passed with Hannover 96 in his own homeland. Enke also made his international career with Germany and played for the U-21, Olympics, German B team to make his place in the senior squad in 2007. He won 8 caps for the German national side and also was a part of the squad in the Euro 2008 where Germany finished second. It was on 10 November, 2009, Robert Enke committed suicide by standing in front of an express train in Eilvese, Neustadt am Rubernberge. Reports claim that the possible cause should be the depression which he suffered for six years long after the death of his daughter Lara in 2006.  Enke was widely considered as a favorite for the German number one goalkeeper at the WC 2010.


Bill Shankly once quoted -“Football is more than life and death”. And yes, footballer come, legends are made, and they ultimately have to be a part of history someday. These great footballers will always remain in the memories and hearts of fans and supporters throughout the times who enjoyed seeing them play and devote themselves for this game. Though they left the world at an early age, the mark that they left on us will never be forgotten. #Respect.

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