Top 10 Greatest Leaders in History

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Over 150,000 people die everyday; 50 million every year and 5 billion every century. Of them, only few people live to leave their marks on this planet as someone who changed the face of this world forever. These are the leaders who stood above all and fought for the common interest; took the responsibilities in their shoulders and showed people the right way. Leaders rise above their personal interests and devote their life for their country and its citizens. They are not some supernatural beings with inborn qualities but a human with extra courage, extra dedication, and extra sacrifice. Leaders shape the world and the way we live in it.

They become an example for generations to come and their deeds influence the way we think and behave. The history of mankind saw such great men and women, without whom the world wouldn’t have been as it is today. Here we list the top 10 greatest leaders in world history.

10. Elizabeth I of England (September 1533 to March 1603)

Elizabeth I of England- greatest leaders in historyAlso called “The Virgin Queen”, Elizabeth was the queen of England and Ireland from 1558 until death. Although born into royal succession as daughter of Henry VIII, she was declared illegitimate when her mother died after two and a half years of her birth. But later, she succeeded her half-sister to be the queen and became one of the greatest female leaders of all time. She was the founder of the English protestant church and the commander-in-chief when Spain was defeated by England. Her reign, also called the “Elizabethan era”, saw the flourish of English drama led by Shakespeare and provided stability to the nation.

9. Julius Caesar (100 BC to 44 BC)

julius caesar- greatest leaders in historyOne of the most celebrated personalities in the Roman history, Julius Caesar is credited for extending the Roman Empire and bringing reforms in the governance. As a Roman general, he was the first to cross the English Channel and the Rhine to invade Britain. During his term, Rome had unmatched military power and ruled the present day Europe. Later after the civil war, he emerged as the unrivaled leader of Rome and started the works of social and governmental reforms. He made possible the creation of Julian calendar and will be remembered forever as one of the greatest military commanders in the history.

8. Sir Winston Churchill (November 1874 to January 1965)

Sir Winston Churchill- greatest leader in historyOne of the greatest wartime leaders of 20th century, Sir Winston Churchill was a British politician who twice became the prime minister of UK. A multi-diverse personality, Churchill was an officer in British Army, a historian, writer, and artist. In the First World War, he gained fame as a war correspondent and wrote books about his campaigns. He also won a Nobel Prize in Literature and became the first person to be made honorary citizen of the U.S. In the Second World War, when he became the prime minister, his fame rose as he refused to consider defeat and stood alone to oppose Hitler. His speeches in radio broadcasts inspired British people to gain victory over Nazi. Churchill, undoubtedly, is considered the most influential person in British history.

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