Top 10 Health Benefits of Bananas

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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Many of us have been known to the health benefits of apple but banana is also considered to be one of the finest fruits with regards to health. A fruit, most popular among the Americans, Banana has a great influence on people’s health and there have been a number of health benefits of bananas. Several sweet dishes, ice creams or friend chips are best made with bananas. Also treated as a holy fruit among people of Hindu cultures, it’s softness and smoothness makes it edible for people of all ages. Bananas could be grown all tropical regions fro Asia to Africa and the Caribbean. A dessert, a staple and a treat, this fruit has also been a part of the big business with Fyffes and Chiquita being the biggest names in bananas together with Dole and Dale Monte.

Sweet, creamy flesh and firm, bananas come in prepackaged yellow jackets and are available for harvest all around the year. Belonging to the Musaceae family of plants, banana grow in clusters and bunches. Delivering the highest of potassium power, it combats depression, cures hangover, makes people smarter and even protect cancers, blindness or osteoporosis. It is the superfood and is an integral part of healthy daily regimen.

From curbing one’s appetite to lowering blood pressures, this nutrient rich fruit have a lot of health benefits. Here we list the top 10 health benefits of bananas.

10. Bananas help in toning skin

bananas help in toning of skin- health benefits of bananas

Regardless of health benefits only by consuming this amazing fruit, banana skins can be used to treat skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. Banana peels reduce pain when rubbed over the affected areas. They also help in the treatment of body warts when used regularly over the affected area. This high oxidant rich fruit provides free radicals to keep oneself away from several chronic diseases as well which also includes protection of ear lobes during different types of ear piercing. Rich in vitamin A, B and E, bananas could also be used as an anti-aging creams to cure wrinkle problems naturally.

9. Bananas help to quit smoking

banana helps to quit smoking- health benefits of bananas

One of the most common bad habits in humans- smoking, can be lowered by the intake of bananas. Instead of going out on different remedy centers, bananas act as a natural diet to cure the addiction. The addiction of smoking is due to the nicotine content and bananas have nutrient contents like B6 and B12 which helps to neutralize the effects of nicotine and get rid of this bad habit.

8. Bananas help in hair protection

health benefits of bananas- Bananas help in hair protection

As we’ve already known that the banana peels could be used for improving the skin tone or wrinkle problems, they can also be used to protect hair fall and dryness. They are perfect remedy to dry hair or itchy scalp. The oil and potassium content found in banana could work as a wonder to keep the scalp and stands of hair healthy. Creamy mixture of banana, yogurt and avocado also helps in protection of hair fall.

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