Top 10 Health Benefits of Bananas

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7. Bananas cure hangover and morning sickness

health benefits of bananas- bananas cure hangovers

Bananas could be a great fruit for the cure of hangover or morning sickness. The intake of milk together with banana during the early morning can be the best drink to replenish the body and maintain a proper glucose level to help in combating of nausea. Even in pregnant women, banana is referred to be taken after each meal so as to lift the mood and support the unborn baby physically. They also help in the lowering of body temperature during fever or hot summer days.

6. Bananas are diet friendly

bananas are diet friendly

With 110 calorie, 20 grams of carbohydrate and 3 gram of fibre, bananas are also rich in starch resistant that will help one to feel fuller for a longer period of time. Banana also makes a great snack for the day and can be a best source of diet before the workouts. They only provide the required amount of carbohydrate in maintaining one’s body. They also sustain blood sugar and protect against muscle cramps during workouts.

5. Bananas cure eye problems

Bananas cure eye problems

Bananas are vitamin A rich fruits. As eye requires fat soluble vitamin, the intake of banana daily could reduce the risk of night blindness and several other vision destroying diseases. Also, eating three or more bananas per day could also lower the risks of mascular degeneration and causing the protection of vision in adults. Topping off a banana piece in yogurt or green salad, or slicing it over cereals will take the eye sight to a proper level as well.

4. Bananas can life spirits and change mood

Bananas can lift spirits and change mood

Chemical substance called tryptophan present in banana is responsible to relax mind and make people feel happier. This mood regulation substance contained in banana also maintains the proper protein level and with the consumption of banana, vitamin B6 and glucose level affects the individuals mood. Also, banana is used in patients suffering from depression while a lot of researches have proved that it can be a cure to some extent. Chocolates and ice creams are also some of the best things to change anyone’s mind to jolly and banana’s benefit the production of those as well.

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