Top 10 Health Benefits of Bananas

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3. Bananas cure Cardiovascular protection

Bananas help in curing cardiovascular problems

Potassium is in adequate amount inside banana and it is one of the most essential requirement in maintaining normal blood pressure and heart beat level. With a whopping amount of 400 mg of potassium and 1 mg of sodium in a medium sized banana, it helps in prevention of high blood pressure and also protects oneself from astherosclerosis. Also, bananas prevent several coronary heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Bananas also promote bone health and counteract against the increased urinary calcium loss to protect bones from thinning out fast.

2. Bananas boost sexual performance in men

Bananas boost sexual perfermance in men

Bananas have a lot of nutrient and energy that can improve mood, increase oxygen flow inside the body and improve sexual performance in men. The tryptophan which is also the building block of serotonin acts as a mood enhancer and can serve as a mild sedative. Magnesium and magnese contained in a lesser amount also maintains prostate to proper health. Bromelain and b vitamins in bananas act has sexual hormone regulators that could increase sexual functionality, overall virility and the libido in men.

1. Bananas help in digestion

bananas help in digestion and maintaining of diet

A great source of diet fibers, bananas could help in the smoothing of the digestive tract and improve any kind of elimination. It could also help in the cure of constipation and has no side effects on health as well. This fructo-ologosaccharide (FOS) rich fruit helps in the feeding of bacteria inside the digestive tract that helps in the absorbtion of nutrients from food in an efficient manner. Heartburns could also be cured by the intake of this fruit. Bananas are also rich in pectin fibres and they help in chelating toxins and metals out of the body. Further, bananas also help in the restoration and maintenance of regular bowel functions.


These yellow-peel fruits are ideal with regards to health benefits because of their sweet taste and softness which becomes edible for people of all ages. So, instead of eating an apple each day, the adage should state that a banana each day shall keep the distress and problems away. Banana health benefits outweigh those of apples or any other daily consumed fruits for vitamins and nutrients. Energy and nutrients without fats also makes it one of the best fruits to be consumed so as to lose weight.

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