Top 10 Health Benefits of Papaya

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7.  Menstrual Irregularities and Morning Sickness

papaya helps in maintaining Menstrual Irregularities and Morning Sickness

For women having menstrual irregularities intake of raw papaya normalizes menstrual cycle. Unripe papaya stipulates estrogen which then regulates the cycle. It also stimulates natural flow and relives from menstrual cramps and pains. In addition to this, ripe papaya salad or juice provides vitamin A and multivitamins B which eases morning sickness in pregnant women.

6. Protection against Emphysema

papaya protects from emphysema

Papaya with its abundance of Vitamin A, offers protection against emphysema, a condition in which alveoli are deteriorated causing shortness of breath. Emphysema is rampant among chronic smokers or people who are exposed to cigarette smoke for long periods. A study conducted in Kansas State University has found that progression of emphysema can be prevented by Vitamin A supplemented food like papaya. The study found that benzo-pryne in smoke creates vitamin A deficient conditions which eventually give rise to emphysema. However, smoke exposed mice that were supplemented with Vitamin A to fail to develop the disease.  If you ever wondered how some chain smoker elderly managed to have healthy lungs then here lies the secret; they had diet full of Vitamin A.

5. Antioxidant and Cancer

papaya is antioxidant

Papaya is laden with antioxidants Vitamin A, C and E. These antioxidants neutralize free radical and oxygen reactive species. Free radicals and oxygen reactive species cause damage to cell and DNA causing mutation. Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants which assist in repairing the damage.  The presence of vitamins and rich fiber content in papaya protects against colon, lung , breast and prostate cancer.

4. Rheumatoid Arthritis

blended papaya juice

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that causes inflammation of joints causing bone erosion and deformity. Studies suggest that Vitamin C contained in papaya might help in fight against rheumatoid arthritis.

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