Top 10 Highest Populated Countries In The World

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World Population, a term, basically referring to the total number of human beings on earth, has now, literally, been widened in terms of use as a major issue in all nations. Growing at an annual rate of 1.1% as of 2011, planet earth is, today, estimated to be the home for over 7.08 billion human lives. In the time period between 1999 and 2012, the world population increased astonishingly, by 1 billion people.  The world population is determined as the total population of all nations, calculated by nation-wise census, held in a certain period of time. Population growth has been a major issue for the entire globe today. As resources to fulfill needs of all human beings look to be insufficient, the degree of environmental degradation  looks to be crazily increasing equally. And even the efforts to control this has been proved futile for the time-being.

So, here we list the top 10 highest populated countries in the world.

10. Japan

Population : 127,460,000

Japan- highest population in the world

The technology king of the planet, Japan is a home to 127,460,000 human beings, which is almost 2% of the entire world population.  With a land area of less than 400,000 km2, Japan is one of the most densely populated nations in the world. With a literacy rate of an almost perfect 99%, Japan is among the few most advanced nations in the world. With a negligible unemployment rate of just 4%, the per capita personal disposable income of the Japanese citizens is estimated to be around $12,000. Despite having a high population in the present context, this East-Asian island has currently got a gradual population decrease, with the population estimated to be decreasing at the rate of 0.077% every year. Shinto and Buddhism are the two major religions of the nation.

9. Russia

Population : 143,369,806

Russia- highest population in the worldDespite having the largest land area among all nations, Russia, mostly due to extremely cold places towards the north, is placed in the 9th position in the nations with the highest population. Russia constructs 2.03% of the world population.  An area of 17,098,246 km² in Russia is a home to around 143 million people, settled especially in the warmer urban areas, while a lot of parts remain out of human settlement due to extremely cold climates. This nation also has a literacy of almost 100%, with an employment rate of almost 95 %. Industries and services stand out to be the two major sources of income for the people. This nation exports, in a large scale, products ranging from petroleum to arsenal.Russian Orthodoxy is the dominant religion among the people.

8. Bangladesh

Population : 152,518,015

Bangladesh- highest populated country in the worldA developing South-Asian nation, Bangladesh is estimated to be a home for more than 152 million people. Lying on the fertile Bengal Delta, this nation has a population density of 1033/, with the nominal per capita personal income calculated to be $1,044. Bengali is the major ethnic group and considered the sole ethnicity of the entire country with 98% of the people following the religion. Bangladesh is officially considered an Islam nation. Most part of the nation are less than 12 m above the sea level. The Royal Bengal Tiger is considered as the major member of the fauna in Bangladesh, with the number of this animal being very rare in the world. Despite having a literacy rate of only 57%, only 5% of the total population is unemployed. Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is estimated to have a population of 10 million people with a population density of 45000/

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