Top 10 Insanely Successful College Dropouts

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Every people dream of having a successful college degree with good credits and even the slightest thought about dropping off the college might not strike to any people’s head having perceptions on building a fine career based on their studies. Though college life pays the price in a long run, the tuition prices in top universities may climb and the first year might get extremely tough which might be a reason for students to let go with their studies. Still, there are many successful people who have rose to prominence by dropping out of their college to pursue what best suited to their interest.

Higher education is surely the best way to the top. Every year students from different countries move abroad for better education that could help them in shaping a bright future.  However, intelligence and skill might not sometime come in hand together with the educational credentials. Hard work, dedication and commitment can lead anybody to their goal and some people even have proved that a college degree might not just be the only path to progress and build a career in. So, here is the list of such top 10 insanely successful college dropouts.

10. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods- most successful college dropout

Tiger Woods, the most successful top golf player of all time was a Stanford student who chose to study Economics as his major during his college. However, he continued his passion in golf joining the amateur golf at the Stanford University from where he gave up on his collegiate career as a student to become a professional golfer. Today, he is among the highest paid athlete in the world with over $100 million over an year. May be its all economics that taught him “opportunity cost” to succeed at what he was really good at.

9. Madonna

madonna- insanely most successful college dropout

“The Queen of Pop”, Madonna is regarded as the best ever female pop sensation the world has seen. With the male dominance in music industry, Madonna became very much popular with over 300 million record sales of her album that even gave her a Guinness World Record for being the first female to achieve so. Madonna was a college student at the University of Michigan where she had thoughts about making a career in dancing that made he quit her studies. However, Madonna reached to a great height as a singer, actress, director, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. This college dropout really made it big in her career as the “Greatest Woman in Music”.

8. James Cameron

James Cameron- Insanely most successful college dropout

James Cameron wanted to become a physicist during his college at the Fullerton College. However, he could not carry on his studies and dropped out and soon married a waitress to become a truck driver at a local school in the district. Though he dropped out from college, his interest in science never gave a quit as he created some brilliant sci-fi movies which were blockbusters in the box office. Titanic, a movie in the year 1997 became the first movie ever to make $1 billion in the Hollywood and made him win 11 Academy award the very year. Avatar also comes under his work. Further, Cameron is also the third ever person to reach to the bottom of the world, Mariana Trench.

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