Top 10 Interesting Christmas Facts

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3. Santa Claus was a real Saint

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The legend of Santa Claus was based on a real person named St.Nicholas of Myra, now on the southern coast of Turkey. The red suited, overweight, jolly, white bearded elf today that spread joy evolved from a gift giving Catholic Saint .He was the true represent of discipline. He followed the traces of Jesus “see what you own and give money to poor”.

He became known as a patron of children and magical gift bringer. The protestant improvement and blending of European tradition to America morphed that reverend figure into red suited character today.

2. The abbreviation –Xmas

Merry Xmas- christmas facts

The abbreviation Xmas has a religious root. Many Christians consider it to be disrespectful to replace Christ’s name with an ‘X’.But, Xmas is not a non religious revision of Christmas. In Greek, the letter X stands for Chi, this means Christ and this christmas fact is not known to many people even who involve in the celebration.

The publication houses used the abbreviation ‘Xmas’ to save ink, space and time which even going so far as to that it is a ploy by anti Christians to de-Christianity Christmas.

1. December 25th is not the actual birth date of Jesus Christ

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There is no biblical evidence for a specific date for Jesus’ birth. Many myths have sprung up surrounding Christmas. History shows that Dec 25 was popularized as the date of Christmas, not because Christ was born on that day, but because it was already popular in pagan religious celebration as the birthday of sun (Mithras).

And this Christmas facts is considered purely coincidence.  It did not become an official holiday until June 26, 1870. The first state to recognize it officially was Alabama in 1836 and lastly Oklahoma.


So as we plunged into our daily life on Christmas hours, the street seems to be swarming with last minute shoppers, laden with parcels and bags. The children are pounded in awe that Santa Claus would soon be there with bags of serendipitous treasures. Christmas time leaves a unique impression and brings all hearted spiritual unification with Christ and so every single soul is willing to celebrate. Knowing these christmas facts should make your day more wonderful.

Whole atmosphere fills up magical charms, indulging children and adults within the wonders of a Christmas night. Wish everyone a joyous Christmas, and may all readers as well as every people enjoy with merriment the festive spirit.



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