Top 10 Interesting D-Day Facts

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7. The meaning of ‘D’

D-day facts- The meaning of D‘D’ is an expression usually used by the military forces to address an operation or a trigger to a huge plan or attack. ‘D’ here could stand for ‘decision’ which makes a reference to the fact that America took the decision of invasion in Normandy. The other dates were named after this day as it made it easy to reckon the other dates. The day before the day of attack was addressed D-1 and the day after was addressed D+1. There are a lot of events which are tagged as D-day prior to this very invasion. This is just a term used to make mention of the Normandy Invasion on June 6, 1944.

6. The ENIGMA Riddle

the enigma riddle- interesting D-day FactsThe Germans had already employed this machine in early 1920 which was basically an encrypting device. The main purpose of this device was to transmit the secret military information amongst the forces. There were possibly 200 trillion possible codes to break this device and it was hailed to topmost by the Germans as unbreakable.

Thanks to the polish cryptographers who helped the allies force to break down the code which proved to be vital in the invasion of Normandy. The allies were enabled to monitor the every single actions and movements of the Germans in response to the allied forces. This meant that the allies now had access to the behavior of the Germans.

It came to the greater effect, when the allies force thought of manipulating the Germans before the invasion. The breakthrough came when the Germans believed in the misinformation passed through them as the fact to make the Normandy invasion easier.

5. Victory in Normandy

D-day facts-victory in normandyThe Allies had caught up the Seine River by August 1944. Paris was now set free and the Nazis had been ripped out of northwestern France. This kind of was a sign that the Operation Overlord was successfully was over and done. After that, the Allied forces then made provisions to set foot in Germany and catch up with the Soviet squad travelling from the east.

It was a tough time for the Nazis to accept the fact that they had been attacked. The Normandy was a least expected place for the attack by allied groups. Hitler thought of not assigning any more troops to fight the approaching soviet squad. Did Normandy have something to do with Hitler’s suicide? Because Hitler had committed suicide on the prior week, on April end, on May 8, 1945, the Allied forces confirmed customarily that the Nazi Germany had given up. Hence, Nazi Germany had surrendered.

4. People killing themselves out of fear

people killing themselves out of fear- Interesting D-day factsWe know how powerful the countries of the Allied groups were, don’t we? Who wouldn’t get scared if a bunch of dominant nations were to invade in a part his country? It is known that about 8,000 Japanese natives and troops killed themselves in June, 1944. Why did they kill themselves? – Because they were scared that they would be tormented and killed by America after invading Saipan. They killed themselves and their families in the terror and doubt of ending up with a miserable death. They threw their children off the cliffs and jumped themselves too. We can imagine how terror stricken people were!

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