Top 10 Interesting D-Day Facts

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3. The Outcome

the outcome- Best D-day factsThe beach heads were firmly secured and more than 300000 soldiers alongside 100000 tons of military equipments crossed along the France. The Nazi’s surrendered on May 1945 after the leader Hitler committed suicide on prior week on 30 April 1945.  Meanwhile, Paris was liberated on 25 August 1945 after the world war termination.

The Allies forces forced the reinforcement but then still it was way difficult for the Nazi’s. Meanwhile, the belief of Invasion as a just diversion by the leader Hitler itself didn’t do any favor to the Nazi’s. The Germans now faced Russia in the east, America Britain and Canada in the west. In other hand Hitler had to contend his troops in Italy and in bombing.  The Europe was then set to free from the Hitler Germans.

2. Operation Overlord

operation overlord- interesting D-day factsThe Normandy Invasion was an issue of great secrecy. Not even the soldiers and officials involved in it were certain about what it was all about. That is why; it was given a code name- Operation Overlord. This in a way suggests the code names given to the military officials and detectives, like famous James Bond is known by his code number 007. The commander of the Operation Overlord was General Dwight Eisenhower. A lot of officials were assigned to the Operation overlord. After all this operation was a huge one and needed a lot of work and mind in it.

1. Secrecy maintained during the Normandy Invasion

secrecy maintained during normandy invasion- D-day factsAccording to the sources, the date of attack (June 6, 1944) was little known by even the soldiers who were involved in it. It was kept secret. The time, date and even the location of the attack were kept under wraps to throw off the Germans. The land to be invaded was veiled and the maps which were used were fictitious. The main reason behind the secrecy was that the German had 55 divisions stationed in France. And because it was veiled, the Germans could only bring 8 of the divisions for the attack.  More than 2 million service providers were engaged that included Americans, Canadians and British that consisted of 6,939 naval ships possessing 195000 sailors. The plans for the allied attack into the Normandy Island had been planning for more than years but the actual plans and efforts started from 1943. The attack date and time was concluded after the meeting between the leaders Winston Churchill F D Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin in Tehran.


There is not just one person to treasure for the Normandy invasion. All the soldiers, troops, and civilians who in some ways contributed to the invasion of Normandy are not to be forgotten. The invasion ended with great success but also cost a thousands of lives. Had it not been successful, we can imagine what Europe today would look like under the grasp of Nazis. The soldiers who lost their lives and families could have chosen not to be a part of Normandy Invasion, but they did and contributed a lot from their side. It succeeded because of the involved soldiers’ courage and determination. So the invasion of Normandy was successful and a lot of people have contributed for it.

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