Top 10 Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln

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Regarded as the gifted and most famous president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Kentucky, United States. He is said to have worked only for the betterment of the nation and the society that helped United States climb the ladders of success and emerge as the superpower nation in the entire world. A lawyer and a politician by profession, Abraham Lincoln started his political career in 1854 and joined the National Republic Party after 11 years in 1865. The 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln was also a member of the House of Representatives of the U. S. in between 1847 and 1849.

Lincoln is also well renowned for his actions against injustice that prevailed during his time in the United States. His strong nature and the will to abolish different mislead cultures brought immense change in the overall development of the country. Also, he was born to a woodcutter and had a very poor life in his childhood with his mother passing away and being raised by his sister. Let us take a look at the top 10 interesting facts about this most popular politician and president of America.

10. Abraham Lincoln was a brilliant Wrestler

Brilliant Wrestler Abraham Lincoln- Top 10 facts

Lincoln was an accomplished wrestler. He was one of the famous wrestlers in the country who fought with huge determination. It has also been mentioned that Lincoln had lost only one out of his 300 fights in his wrestling career. He is also one of the member of the United States Wrestling Hall of Fame who earned the honor of “Outstanding American”. He had longer limbs than any people of his age for which people were afraid to get against him in the ring. Jack Armstrong was one of the greatest challengers of Abraham Lincoln who he defeated with an ease.

9. Abraham Lincoln had an iconic beard

Abraham Lincoln had an Iconic beard

Abraham Lincoln was the first president of the United States to have a beard. The New York Times reports that it was 11 year old Grace Bedell who requested him to keep his beard as his face was too thin and more women would be attracted to men with beard. It was during his campaign for presidency when he asked his barber not to shave his facial hair. Lincoln’s photo with a full beard in a hat is one of the iconic pictures that would leave an impression on anyone.

8. Lincoln had a bartending license

Lincoln was a licensed bartender

Abraham Lincoln never drank any sort of alcoholic drinks in his life and it seems to be surprising that he was a licensed bartender. He himself ran the Berry and the Lincoln pub in Illinois and they were a lot popular among people who came in the pub. Berry, which was alcoholic would serve in every people’s drink during that time. This also proves that Lincoln was good at doing business as well.


7. Lincoln lost all of his heirs

Robert Lincoln- The only heir pf abraham lincoln who had children

Abraham Lincoln is said to have had four sons but there is no traceable line of his living heirs. Robert Lincoln was the only son who married and had children. Edward Lincoln died just in four years while Willie Lincoln died in 1862, just two years after his birth. Tad Lincoln was 18 years of old before he died of heart attack. Robert was the only son remaining who saw Lincoln die. He also had three children of which his daughter Mary gave birth to a child who never had any child. Abraham was the second child of Robert who died at the age of 17 and his youngest daughter Jessie had two children who also did not give birth to any further child.

6. John F. Kennedy has a lot of coincidences with Abraham Lincoln

John F. Kennedy had similarities with Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy shared a lot of similarities between them. Both of the presidents were elected to Congress and the presidency of the United States at 100 years apart. Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846 while Kennedy was elected in 1946. Lincoln became the president in 1860 while Kennedy in 1960. Both of the presidents were assassinated with a shot on their head and both the deaths were on Friday. Lincoln’s successor Andrew Johnson was born on 1808 and Kennedy’s successor Lyndon Johnson was born on 1908. Still there are a lot of more similarities in their life and deaths. Yet, both of the presidents worked their best for human rights throughout their lives.

5. Lincoln created the Secret Service

Abraham Lincoln created the secret service

Before Abraham Lincoln’s, there were no services that could protect the president and his family. Lincoln created the Secret Service by signing a legislation on 14 April, 1865, just hours before his assassination. Several investigation processes regarding murders and deaths were not carried in any form as they were costly and not affordable. But Lincoln set up  a special undercover service to investigate and protect the lives of every other presidents and their families after him. Today, ATF, FBI, ICE, and IRS work as the Secret Service in the United States of America under the President.

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