Top 10 Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein

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Every man’s scientist, every scientist’s hero, Albert Einstein has left a cult in the scientific as well as non scientific worlds. His wriggly haired picture with the famous tongue protrusion have been making cameo appearances in the walls of dorms for many-many years now. His are the achievements that are supposed to be the most influential and groundbreaking ones science has seen so far.

Albert Einstein who is rightly known as, “The Father of Science” for his groundbreaking achievements has unraveled some of the biggest questions about physics and universe as a whole. But he still remains as a mystery to all the people. The tongue hanging out scientist, whose name is an inspiration to all the people both to those who are on the field of science and to those who are off the field of science still remains as that mysterious figure: A thinking machine under curly hairs and sharp eyes!!

Here are top 10 interesting facts about Albert Einstein that will change the way you look at him, today on-

10. Loved to Sail

Albert Einstein loved to sail- interesting facts about EinsteinWhen Albert Einstein attended college at the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, he fell in love with the blue waters. Sooner, he found he had hooked himself into a new hobby of sailing. He would often take a boat out onto a lake, pull out a notebook, relax, and think. Even though Einstein never learned to swim, he kept sailing as a hobby throughout his life. Just imagine the wriggly hair floating about the sea, in all its glory basking in the sun!

9. Einstein and the Violin

Albert Einstein Playing ViolinIt is a scientifically proven fact that learning to play musical instrument can enhance your creativity and thinking process. Not trying to brag that the accomplished scientist needed his violin to think but Einstein loved to play violin. Einstein’s mother, Pauline, was an accomplished pianist and wanted the musical genes to flourish in him as well. She started him on violin lessons when he was six years old.

Unfortunately, Einstein hated playing the violin. When he was 13-years old, his pre-formed notion about violin changed when he heard the music of Mozart. With a new passion for playing, Einstein continued to play the violin until the last few years of his life. For nearly seventy years, he used violin to relax and when he became stuck in his thinking process. He later began playing socially at local recitals or join in groups such as Christmas carolers who visited his home.

8. Presidency of Israel

presendency of israel- interesting facts about einsteinAfter Zionist leader and first President of Israel Chaim Weizmann died on November 9, 1952, Albert Einstein was offered the position of being the second president of Israel. Einstein, age 73, declined the proposal stating that he not only lacked the “natural aptitude and the experience to deal properly with people,” but also, he was getting old. The whole country of Israel would have been into physics otherwise. Thank God for that! Nobel prize recipients are scattered from around the world!

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