Top 10 Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein

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3. Wearing socks wasn’t Einstein’s thing

Einstein hated socks- Albert Einstein FactsEinstein’s feet, like his brain knew no bounds too. In one of his letters, Einstein wrote that he “got away without wearing socks” at the University of Oxford. The world-renowned genius eventually became known for his fuzzy appearance – though more attention was focused on his hair than on his feet. Is there any connection between  feet in socks and grey cells in head is for the scientists to sort out though!

2. Einstein had an illegitimate child

Einsteins illegitimate child- interesting facts about Albert EinsteinMileva Maric, Einstein’s college sweetheart was pregnant in 1901 with his child. Since Einstein did not have the money to marry Maric nor the ability to support a child, the two were not able to get married until Einstein got the patent job over a year later. So as not to taint Einstein’s reputation, Maric went back to her family and had the baby girl, whom she named Lieserl.

Although we know that Einstein knew about his daughter, we don’t actually know what happened to her. There are but just a few references of her in Einstein’s letters, with the last one in September 1903. It is believed that Lieserl either died after suffering from scarlet fever at an early age or she survived the scarlet fever and was given up for adoption. Both Albert and Mileva kept the existence of Lieserl so secret that Einstein scholars only discovered her existence in recent years. So, much is still unknown about the girl and her whereabouts. Who knows? She might be one of the walking scholars with Nobel prize?

1. Einstein never failed math

Einstein never failed in mathematics

“Einstein failed math” is a myth. It was even featured in the famous newspaper column, “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!”

Now on, don’t dwell upon it. Walter Isaacson, in his book Einstein: His Life and Universe, even quotes Einstein’s response to the Ripley item: “I never failed in mathematics. Before I was 15, I had mastered differential and integral calculus.” Einstein, as history has it, had always been a mathematical genius.

So, next time your maths’ grades don’t pop as expected, don’t give your dad, “Einstein is my counterpart!!”


Einstein, is a religion for many who love science, especially physics. His “mega mind” continues to stir discussions among pathologists, psychologists and researchers till date. Whatever lay there inside that fuzzy head, whatever the grey cells that it counted up to, Einstein was and always will be a celebration for all that he had been; in and outside of the cranium.

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