Top 10 Interesting Facts About Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela, the true political giant of the 20th century was among the most influential social leader and South Africa’s greatest president ever. Awarded with Nobel Peace prize in 1993, Mandela fought against several socio-economic problems to promote global peace and economy. Mandela also fought against the increasing problems of AIDS in Africa and the rights to host the 2010 football world cup in his country.  His fight against all the odds of the apartheid and several racial discrimination is known to people all over the world.

Born on July 18, 1918, Nelson Mandela became the  president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 which saw several campaigns under him that ended inequality and institutional racial poverty. Also known for his self deprecating sense of humor and amazing life story, Mandela always remained a global appeal through out the world. Described as the ‘father of the nation’ in South Africa, here we list 10 of the most interesting facts about Nelson Mandela.

10. Mandela was a communist

Nelson Mandela was a communist- interesting facts about Nelson Mandela

It might be amazing to know that Mandela was a communist in his early days in politics. Mandela joined the South African Communist Party which got in to direct opposition of the established government in the days of 1950’s to 60’s. Also, there are a lot of possible reports that Mandela always wanted to learn resistant techniques other than taking South Africa to a Marxist utopia. There were still evidences that he was actively working under the Communist Party until he wanted American Support in his country. Though he was a part of the African National Congress, such strong claims of him being in the South African Communist Party, Mandela was kept under the US watch list until 2008.

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9. Mandela had three wives

Nelson Mandela had three wives- interesting facts about Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was married for three times in his life. His first wife was Evelyn Ntoko Masa who he remained with for 13 years from 1944 to 1957. They bear four children together before he got married to Winnie Madikezela Mandela in 1958 and remained with two daughters Zanani and Zindziswa until 1996. However, his second wife was reviled with strong involvements in human right abuse and a murder of a 14 year old ANC activist which saw them apart. After being the president of the country, he got married to Garca Machel who was a humanitarian and politician in Mozambique.

8. Gaddafi was a friend to Nelson Mandela

Muammar Gaddafi was a friend to Nelson Mandela- interesting facts about Nelson Mandela

Muammar Gaddafi, one of the unpleasant tyrant in the world history was a friend of Nelson Mandela, one who was much popular in the international community. When the ANC started by Mandela was outlawed, it was Gaddafi who helped Mandela with arms and money when the country required the most. Mandela also visited Gaddafi when it was technically illegal to see him in 1994 and also named his grandson after the tyrant personality. Mandela also claimed once that the apartheid in the country would not have seen its way out if the Libyan government under Gaddafi did not help them.

7. Mandela helped AIDS victim personally

Nelson Mandela personally helped aids victims- interesting facts about Nelson Mandela

Though the epidemics of AIDS in South Africa was on rise a long time ago, Mandela started his campaign against the AIDS crisis after stepping down from the presidency. Bill Clinton’s foundation was helping out AIDS victim in the country but it was Mandela who personally was so determined at treating his people against the deadly disease for which he sent personal checks to the suffering family. In efforts to forcing the epidemic, he saw his grandson die because of the same disease later in 2005.

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