Top 10 Interesting Facts About Santa Claus

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7. Santa Claus has Private Postal Code

Santa Claus has Private Postal Code- interesting facts about Santa Claus

Yes! You can write a letter to Santa and also get a reply. It’s really amazing but also cool that you can get historical letters from Santa which date back to early 19th century. This is how that most of the countries have a special zip/postal code for letters to Santa. The special postal service of the countries allow children to write letters to Santa Claus and the service has postal workers or volunteers who write back to the children. As per the survey conducted by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 2007, the national postal system of the United States Postal Service (USPS) is the oldest one to cater the Santa letters since 1912. In the letters to Santa Claus, children declare their good virtues and ask for gifts. The letters are then taken on by various charitable societies, companies and businesses through the postal services and they present gifts to the children.

6. You Can Track Santa as He Makes His Mystic Ride

Track Santa as He Makes His Mystic Ride- interesting facts about Santa Claus

It might sound amazing but it is not only true, it is also wonderful that you can track Santa Claus as he makes his magical journey throughout the globe on his reindeers to dispense gifts. There are several websites through which you can track Santa. Tracking Santa became wide when Sears Roebuck departmental store gave an ad in Colorado Springs newspaper in 1955, where they mistakenly gave an incorrect telephone number for children to call Santa. And the calls to Santa came to Colorado Air Defense Command (CONAD), where Col. Harry Shoup took the calls and said that Santa was heading towards south from the North Pole. In 1958, it then became a custom when CONAD was substituted by North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), a joint venture by Canada and the United States. Today, you can track Santa through internet via website of NORAD, Google Santa Tracker, the Santa Update Project, the MSNBC and Bing Maps Platform Tracks Santa Project and many more.

5. The Modern Day Santa Image was Made Famous by Coca-Cola

The Modern Day Santa Image was Made Famous by Coca-Cola- interesting facts about Santa Claus

If you really know about Santa, you might have well known that Santa and elves used to be illustrated in green robes, but it was the Coca-Cola Company who created the new image of Santa in red coat with white beard and black boots. Though White Rock Beverages Company had already used the modern image of Santa in 1915 to advertise its mineral water, Coca-Cola made the Santa image famous with depiction of him in its commercials by Haddon Sundblom in 1931. Even though Santa Claus had appeared earlier in red and white in the covers of Puck Magazine during early 20th century, modern image of Santa became widely held in red and white used by the Coca-Cola Company to encourage its product.

4. The Department Store and Shopping Mall Santa is a 122 Years Old Tradition

The Department Store and Shopping Mall Santa is a 122 Years Old Tradition- interesting facts about santa claus

If you had made a visit to departmental stores and shopping malls during Christmas, you might have surely been welcomed by Santa Claus and the elves. Well, this tradition might seem quite a modern practice, but it has a great 122 years old tradition. This practice was introduced by a businessman James Edgar in 1890, when he started to play Santa with other employees as elves in his departmental store at Brockton, Massachusetts. And the tradition was set as an advertising implement where the store or mall is heavily decorated to attract children and they are presented with gifts and their wish lists are listened to while they sit on Santa’s knee. As a part to cherish children, Santa is also played by male head of a family in family parties during Christmas.

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