Top 10 Interesting Facts About Santa Claus

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3. You Can Earn a Degree at Santa Claus Schools and Universities

You Can Earn a Degree at Santa Claus Schools and Universities-interesting facts about Santa Claus

Have you met anyone with a certified Santa Claus Degree? Yeah! You can also earn one at several Santa Claus School or Universities. You might also want to know that the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School is the world’s oldest Santa School established in 1937. And up to now, there are several local as well as internationally acclaimed Santa Claus Schools and Universities. In these schools and universities, they provide various courses on Santa which teach about the history, modern images and controversies of Santa himself and teachings on how to perform like Santa Claus. Certified Santa Claus Degrees are highly accredited with various prospective opportunities and there are also local and international associations of certified Santa Claus Degree holders worldwide.

2. The First Portrait of Santa Claus Appeared in 1810

The First Portrait of Santa Claus Appeared in 1810- interesting facts about Santa Claus

Even after the inception of Santa Claus figure in New York during 17th century, there was still a debate among the Americans and Englishmen in believing upon the legends of Santa Claus. Yet there were several groups and societies believing upon Santa Claus and it was only in 1810 when the first portrait of St. Nicholas with detail portrayals was produced in USA by The New York Historical Society in the first official celebration of St. Nicholas day. Later on, in tribute to Santa Claus, Reverend Clement Moore and Washington Irving created a poem ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ in 1823, which became the gospel of Santa Claus and a popular cartoonist, Thomas Nast, did a political cartoon of Santa Claus in 1863 for Harpers Weekly Journal. Thereafter, there had been several new versions of Santa Claus broadly popularized in literature, arts and newspapers.

1. Statement of Santa Theory, Does Santa Exist? Damn Yes!

Statement of Santa Theory, Does Santa Exist? Damn Yes!- interesting facts about Santa Claus

While there is a large dispute about the Santa Theory that if Santa exists or not, several physicists and scientists are in favor and in opposition with interesting facts. Those in opposition are saying that with scientific assumptions, the characteristics of Santa being supernatural, existence of Santa is impossible and if existed, he would be dead by now. In the other hand, the physicists in favor of Santa theory say that the existence of Santa is possible with suggestions from the Einsteinian Theory. They also say that Santa travels with the speed of 650 miles per second, which is 3,000 times the speed of sound and has 31 hours to deliver gifts around the different time zones which make approx. 823 visits per second. Anyway, Santa Claus is widely believed with great faith upon him and he has pronounced legends which make us believe in his existence.


As we go through the interesting facts and stories full of knowledgeable notes about Santa Claus, it is quite distinct that Santa was one of the supreme legends of his time and is celebrated with great honor in Christianity. All history with striking periodicals and invincible presence have always been debated for their significance in humankind, and from this outlook, the denotation of Santa Claus is of highest value which has been constantly giving an honest and intuitive wisdom full of humbleness to the future stakes of our civilization. Santa Claus doesn’t just have a merry Christmas for us, but as a redeemer, he has sublimated our lives with full of anticipation and cheerfulness.

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