Top 10 Interesting Facts About Stonehenge

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I love Stonehenge, after this brief intro, you’ll find the top 10 facts about Stonehenge. The world we live in today is much more sophisticated with innovation and technology. But, have you ever wondered about the amazing ancient landmarks? Yes! There are several heritages around us that have glorified our civilization. You might find it implausible to believe that there were more erudite structures built in ancient times than the skyscrapers we have today. Some of those developments still exist these days, and the mystery behind those edifices is yet unmapped. A number of archaeologists, social scientists, and anthropologists have been trying to discover the facts about those orders, and a few stories have been learned. Of those studies, there are some interesting and amusing facts about those ancient structures.

To talk about, Stonehenge located in Wiltshire of England is one of the magnificent constructions from ancient times. Believed to have been built around the 31st century BC, Stonehenge is listed in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World from the pre-Medieval Age. Following its significant value, the landscape of mythical Stonehenge was enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1986. One of the most visited sites in the world, Stonehenge, is distinguished to have prehistoric values from between the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Stonehenge is considered one of the most sacred sites in the world with mystic and religious precedents. Often correlated to alien constructions, here are some of the interesting facts about Stonehenge.

10.  Stonehenge is Believed to be more ancient than Egyptian Pyramids

Stonehenge is believed to be more ancient than Egyptian Pyramids. Facts About Stonehenge

To our knowledge, Egyptian Pyramids are known to be the most ancient built structures on Earth. But, this is controversial as Stonehenge is said to have been built nearly 400 years before the Egyptian Pyramids were constructed. Archaeologists say that the construction of Stonehenge began during the 31st century BC, which took 1500 years to complete with 33 million labor hours. The first Egyptian Pyramid is known to have been built during the 27th century BC only. Stonehenge is one of the 900 stone circles in England, whose megalithic construction is as baffling as the gigantic Egyptian Pyramids. The actual purpose of Stonehenge is still unknown, but it is believed to be a burial site of the prehistoric period.

9. Did Aliens build Stonehenge?

Did Aliens build Stonehenge? Facts About Stonehenge

Besides the antiquity of Stonehenge, there is much debate regarding the builders of Stonehenge. There exist several different theories about the architects of Stonehenge. Popularly, the Druids are credited for the construction of Stonehenge, who used the site for performing their ritual rites. Another theory suggests that it was the Neolithic Agrarians, also called the Windmill Hill people, who could have built Stonehenge. This comes from the reference that the site probably was a burial place before the Druids would come there for religious worshipping. And the most interesting theory of all is that of the alien construction of the megalithic monument. It suggests that the perfect geometrical design of the Stonehenge circle, which is likely to be undiscovered during the Stone Age, couldn’t be built by humans. So, there is also a number of scientists who get rid of the debate arguing that the megalithic Stonehenge was built by Aliens.

8. Misguiding Theories of Stonehenge

Misguiding Theories of Stonehenge. Facts About Stonehenge

Having already talked about the builders of Stonehenge, it would also be interesting here to write about the misguiding theories given by some thinkers related to Stonehenge. It is seen that during the 17th century, an English architect John Webb said that Stonehenge was originally built by the Romans. There is no obvious reasoning behind architect Webb’s supposition, but he did mention that Stonehenge was actually built as a temple dedicated to the Roman God of Sky, Coelus. Later, architect Webb’s contemporary philosopher Dr. Walter Charleton gave another counter theory that it was the Danish arriving after the Romans, who built Stonehenge. But, both of these theories have been disproved. Yet, there still exists one more interesting folktale about Merlin, a mythical character, to have been created by Stonehenge. There are certain illustrations of Merlin and Stonehenge in various arts, but it remains as a legend.

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