Top 10 Interesting Facts About Stonehenge

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7. The Construction of Megalithic Stonehenge is Perfectly Geometric

The Construction of Megalithic Stonehenge is Perfectly Geometric. Facts About Stonehenge

The ancient dating of Stonehenge is barely unknown to people, but what is more amazing is about its perfect geometric construction. Stonehenge is basically a ditch consisting of a circular ring of standing stones making concentric crop circles. There were two major types of stones used in the construction, namely Sarsen stones weighing 25 tons with an average height of 18 ft., and the Bluestones, weighing up to 4 tons. It is believed that the Bluestones, which are special types of volcanic rocks, were brought to the site from nearly 240 miles away. The complex mathematical and geometric plan and the structure of Stonehenge leave behind the unmatched construction concept of the ancient builders. The precisely proportioned structure of Stonehenge has left many questions regarding the actual function of Stonehenge itself.

6. Was Stonehenge Just a Burial Site or an Astronomical Clock?

Was Stonehenge Just a Burial Site or an Astronomical Clock? Facts About Stonehenge

In front of the mystic legacy of Stonehenge, there remains an unanswered question regarding the purpose of monumental Stonehenge. After going through the massive literature of prehistoric civilization associated with Stonehenge, archaeologists have come up with one or more identifying values of Stonehenge. One of the poor findings is that Stonehenge simply did serve as a burial site or a religious ritual site for ancient people who lived around the period. Denying this insufficient proposition, we have another more interesting story. During the mid-20th century, some researchers involved themselves in exploring the geometric construction of Stonehenge. They were surprised to find out the meaning-flooded astronomical alignments in Stonehenge, which gave evidence that it was possibly an astronomical observatory. The concrete findings were that Stonehenge was actually both a ritual site and an astronomical clock, which would indicate annually occurring solstices, equinoxes, and lunar days representing various ritual festivals and celebrations.

5. What we see today is Just a Part of the Stonehenge

What we see today is Just a Part of Actual Stonehenge. Facts About Stonehenge

Given that the major part of ancient Stonehenge has fallen down over periods, we are able to see only the part structure of it in the present day. From its construction in the 31st century BC till the 16th century BC, the Stonehenge structure was repeatedly reconstructed beginning from a diameter of 110 meters. About 6 Stonehenge circles were added to the initial one during the course. Visitors today know Stonehenge by observing a part of it. It is believed that almost half of the structure has disappeared from or fallen apart on the site. The full of heritage landscape of Stonehenge was scientifically examined first in 1666 by John Aubrey. Since then, several organizations and parties including UNESCO, English Heritage, and National Trust have been working on the archaeological and architectural conservation of the site attracting nearly 1 million visitors a year.

4. Stonehenge Has a Healing Aura

Stonehenge Has a Healing Aura. Facts About Stonehenge

Stonehenge is certainly famous for its celebrated ancient religious values and other alluring dimensions of archaeology and architecture. Apart from it, one of the more enticing reasons for visitors to come there is that people believe that Stonehenge has a healing atmosphere entrenched in its sacred landscape. This particular belief has also been justified by the archaeologists that they had found some region or non-native human archaeology on the site. This evidence strongly supports that people far from around the world would come to the sanctified site of Stonehenge to purify themselves and to treat their physical injuries or illness. Even these days, hundreds of thousands of people gather at the Stonehenge site on several auspicious or festive celebrations with the belief of sanctifying them at the pious healing center of Stonehenge.

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