Top 10 Largest Beaches In The World

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6. Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand

Ninety Mile Beach Aerial View
Ninety Mile Beach New Zealand

Despite it’s name this beach is actually only 55 mile long which is about 88 kilometers. This beach is actually a highway, suited more for 4WD vehicles and can only be used during certain times for safety reasons. If you have a rental car you won’t be able to use this highway at all. The beach offers a lot of activities such as surfcasting and swimming to bodyboarding down the sand dunes.


5. Playa Novillero, Mexico

playa novillero mexico beach
Playa-Novillero-Mexico Beach

Such a gorgeous beach. This beach is massive at 56 miles long, and third of a mile wide and the water is shallow enough that you can walk about 350 feet into the water. Often you will see groups of young adults and adolescents having a fun in the surf and entire families gathered together to prepare a feast on the ocean shore.

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