Top 10 Major Problems in Third World Countries

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No healthy environment, unstable government, poverty, unemployment, social riots and different problems in the society; that’s what defines the condition of third world nation in the world. With several epidemics hitting the country time and again, poor communities thriving with no proper resource, third world countries can be a hell to live in.

Despite the increasing trend in business and technology, every one out of five people in the world are poor and earn less than $1 a day. With scarce food, most children die of malnutrition and what more should we say more about HIV? People have less work to do or almost none, because of unemployment and that’s what makes them indulged in improper sex leading to the disease.

Third world nations became a part of every media outlets and headlines, but the condition in such countries remain same. Here we list the 10 major problems in third world countries today.

10. Poverty


How more can people be poor in the world? Imaging one out of five people in the world face problems to eat twice in a day. Talk about poverty line, more than half of the total population fall under that category with earning less than $1. With over 22,000 children dying every day because of poverty, who are we to blame? Ourselves!

9. Drinking Water

Drinking water

You might have heard stories about a crow thriving to get water under the heated sun. Water is considered the most essential thing to live. You can live without food for weeks, but with water, even a day seems tough. Third world nations still lack proper drinking facilities, or say clean water that has no germs in them.

Most people get victimized of water-borne diseases and die. A billion of people in the world are deprived of clean drinking water which totals around 400 million children in the list. What more devastating can it be?

8. No electricity

No electricity in Gaza Strip
No electricity in Gaza Strip

You must be reading this post using your tablet, mobile phone or a laptop power charged by never ending hydropower lines. But the scenario is different. People in the third world nation need to live under pitch dark while most of them don’t even know about the existence of electricity. No electricity certainly means no telephone, no computers or internet or anything related to technology that requires current.

Imagine something like so? Hell, I guess!

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