Top 10 Major Problems in Third World Countries

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7. Unstable Government and Corruption


One of the major factors of never ending poverty or unemployment problems is the government. Government in the third world nations are never stable. Corruption lies at the peak, and who has got time to think about the development of the nation?

Every politicians work out on their favor and once the government falls down, another takes charge and halts all developmental works being done by the previous government. Don’t believe so? Turn the newspaper, one out of every 50 news headlines about third world nation is about a corruption by a leader or someone in a top governmental position.

6. Illiteracy


You don’t have food to eat, water to drink and lights to glow. How can you even think of getting educated? The major problem in third world nation is illiteracy and this has been the major cause why there is no development. Developed nations have educated people who can think of the future and cite plans and prospects of what could be done.

But people in third world nation are illiterate to understand. The poverty line is much lower and people get attracted to negative influences quickly. That’s what makes third world nations more poorer!

5. Tribal and Wars


People are divided in third world nation according to ethnicity, caste, creed or culture and that’s what brings war. The economy of such countries are degrading and political division occurs at every steps. A person of X ethnicity looks after another of the same ethnicity while the benefit of another person is not entertained.

Plus, there are robberies, theft, and war that put the nation under severe condition. Cold war, civil war, and terrorism, these countries can never be safe.

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