Top 10 Major Problems in Third World Countries

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4. Pollution


With developed nations in the world all looking forward toward clean and renewable energy, third world nation face a crisis in pollution. There are no proper dumping site or reuse facilities. Pollution has been destroying the natural habitat of wild lives and people are getting sick every day. And, if there’s nuclear energy, people are inhaling toxic gases every day which leads to poor health status and threatens life.

Things are getting worse this way!

3. Health Care and diseases

Health problems

Children die of malnutrition, adults die of HIV aids, and who’s there to live and build the nation? No people in third world nation can be stated safe and sound with their health. Women are dying without proper facilities during their pregnancy, and there’s nobody to help. People are poor and who could afford private hospitals that’ll cost you your whole life for one check up?

Not only this, people in third world nation die without even seeing a hospital. There are no proper transport facilities while there are different old beliefs regarding health care that’ll never work but people still follow. The condition is worse!

2. Over dependence on foreign aid

Foreign aid

Third world nation don’t have enough fund to start something on their own. The dependence in foreign aid is cited as one of the major problems in third world countries. Leaders are run by people in other nation just because of money and local resources are sold over to businessman who works on his own benefits.

The economic development rate of every third world nation is degrading and a number that’s not even worth believing.

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