Top 10 Major Problems in Third World Countries

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1. Hunger


The grass-root problem of every third world nation is poverty. Well, you must have been thinking about hunger being related to poverty, but no! Even if people are poor, they could grow crops on their own and feed themselves. But people in third world nation don’t have good agricultural facilities and no new technology to study about the environment and nature. Ultimately, people are deprived of food to eat.

Two meals every day seems like a dream for poor people in these nations while most children and women die because of hunger related issues.

That’s what sums up the problems in the third world nation. If you’ve time and money, I recommend you to move somewhere around the poor parts of Africa or in Asia and see how people are living their lives.

Do help if you can and promote tourism in such nations because third world nations have a lot of prospects in such industries while there a lot of natural resources that are yet to be explored!

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