Top 10 Most Popular Car Brands in the World

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Cars have become a very big part of our lifestyle. That is why many people today want to buy cars from big brands that reflect their personality and preference. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a casual buyer, this listing of top 10 car brands will provide you with all the tidbits you need for your next car purchase decision! Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Car Brands in the World.

10. Hyundai

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Hyundai Motors is a South Korean automaker, and is one of the most popular brands in the world. It is one of the most trusted and reliable brands, and consumers are increasingly switching to Hyundai ever since German cars have become overpriced. Popular models include the Genesis, Sonata, Elantra and Tucson. The Genesis was ranked as the best North American car in the year 2012. Hyundai cars are also highly fuel-efficient, showing an efficiency of 23.4 mpg, which is far ahead of most American and European manufacturers.

9. Nissan Motors

Nissan Motors
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Nissan is one of the largest automobile sellers in the world, having produced iconic models, including the Bluebird, Silvia and Sunny, which are luxury sedans, and models such as the Fairlady Z, Skyline, and GT-R, which are high-performance rally cars. Nissan, like other Japanese carmakers, prioritizes sharp attention to detail. For example, in the Nissan GT-R, the engine and the upholstery are entirely handcrafted. Nissan also sells a variety of small Kei cars, which focus on fuel efficiency. The sedans are criticized for being rather “boring”, particularly the Tiida which, though offering good value for money, is a rather dull option.
8) Ford Motors

Ford Motors
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The creation of Henry Ford, Ford Motors has defined a revolution in its car production process. This American brand had become a symbol of reliability, a relic of the times where America was the dominant force in automobile production.
Ford produces a wide variety of vehicles, from Trucks, and buses to Sedans and SUVs. The Ford brand is renowned for its durability, resistance and affordability. Ford offers various models such as the Mondeo, which is quite affordable or the GT40, which is renowned for its extremely powerful engine and relative affordability.

7. General Motors

General Motors
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Home to some household brand names around the world, Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac to name a few, GMC is an American company founded in 1908. It focuses on retaining customers for life and creating a long-term relationship with them. GMC considers quality and safety to be its hallmarks. It has been a leader in the automobile industry for 77 years.

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