Top 10 Most Popular Car Brands in the World

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6. Porsche

Source: Porsche NewsRoom


Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Porsche is regarded by many as one of the most refined racing brands ever made. The company initially made tanks during World War 2, competing with Mercedes and Volkswagen. Since then, almost all brands are exclusively performance-oriented, with only a recent introduction into the Sedan market.
A distinguishing feature in Porsche’s design is the rear engine placement, which gives the car a highly fluid and smooth feel, as if you can almost feel the tires gripping the road at higher speeds.

5. Honda

Source: Honda


One of the most popular brands in the world, Honda manufactures a wide range of products, from motorcycles, combustion engines and automobiles to rockets and jets. Honda’s automobiles include the Accord, Civic, Odyssey minivan, Insight and CR-Z. It also manufactures racing cars, such as the NSX, the Acura and the Type-R. Honda also offers the Civic in a hybrid model, to match the trend set by other car makers.

4. BMW Group

BMW Group

BMW started producing automobiles in 1928 in Germany, aiming for efficiency and sustainability. The company has tapped the market for environment friendly cars, emphasizing its fuel-efficient cars. It also became a pioneer of sustainability, introducing the first ever electric car. Due to its massive innovation, car lovers around the world trust and prefer the brand.
The company has been a leader in computerized cars. Recently, it has allowed for smart phone application to provide details about the car and to give maintenance reminders. It is now even possible for a driver to control their BMW car with their phone.

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