Top 10 Most Popular Car Brands in the World

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3. Daimler (Mercedes Benz)

Daimler (Mercedes Benz)

The creator of the beloved Mercedes brand has been operating in the automobile business since 1886. In fact, Daimler was the pioneer of the car industry itself. The company has maintained its image as a quality brand by manufacturing cars with innovative features, while maintaining its signature elegance and panache.
What sets Mercedes’ customer service apart is that it has allowed for personalization of digital services. Mercedes targets higher-end customers, including performance fanatics, for whom the SLS AMG and McLaren SLR are designed, or the S-class sedans, which offer world-class features, albeit at a steep price.

2. Volkswagen

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VW has its origins in Germany, and was founded in 1937. Although Volkswagen crossed the sales of Toyota in early 2015, being the largest seller, it soon fell back to second place. Volkswagen rapidly lost its position once it was reported that the vehicle emissions details given by the company were misreported.
VW have recently introduced electric cars and smart cars in the U.S. Market. Overall, it manufactures regular cars, SUVs, and trucks, and have expanded into the market for hybrid cars and smart cars at affordable prices. The Golf is the go-to brand for those looking for “fast and fun”, while family oriented consumers can opt for the Passat or the Polo.

1. Toyota Motors

Toyota Motors
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Toyota, having completing 75 years of its inception, had the highest sales volume of about nine million vehicles in 2015. Originating in Japan in 1937, Toyota occupies one of the largest market shares in the market. With a variety of options for consumers to choose from, and the highest possible quality, Toyota offers huge value for money.
Various models, such as the Camry, are luxury brands, offering high levels of comfort and premium interior design, while the Prius has become the best choice for anyone looking for a combination of fuel economy, environmental friendliness and comfort.

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