Top 10 Most Popular Types of Ear Piercings For Females

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Find out what the most popular types of ear piercings for females are!

Body piercing has been one of the most common traditions enjoyed by people of different tribes and cultural groups. Today, body piercing has become more than a tradition but an art or a fashion trend. Puncturing and making holes to wear a jewelry has been one of the most common reasons for body piercing. Ear piercing has been the oldest and most enjoyed form of body modifications with written references regarding this art from different cultures that date back to the early history. Both men and women had their ear pierced at an early age as seen in the archaeological evidence from Persia.

Earrings became a fashion trend since the English Renaissance during the 1950s among courtiers and gentlemen. Even sailors wore earrings that could help them in making proper payments at different times when they require a boat or anything in the sea. It has now become a global practice although people enjoy various forms of ear piercing. Down the ages, various forms of beautifully piercing ears to give a boom to jewels and adorn anyone’s look has been the most tradition throughout the world. So, let us take a look at the top 10 popular types of ear piercings for females commonly enjoyed by a lot of people in this world.

10. Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing- popular types of ear piercings for females
Tragus Piercing

As the name says itself, Tragus piercing is done on the part of the ear which is called ‘tragus’- a small oval flap of cartilage situated just over the ear lobe. This type of ear piercing is extremely painful because the ear part is thick and fleshy which could lead to excessive bleeding and pain. Small gauge piercing needles are used during this the tragus piercing and bead rings or wire rings can be used as the ornament. It is painful, takes long time to heal and often creates irritation and problems while using an earphone. However, stretching and tearing chances are very low which makes it safer. According to BBC, Tragus piercing became popular after 2005 and are still considered one of the most popular types of ear piercings for females.

9. Anti- Tragus Piercing

Anti tragus piercing- popular types of ear piercings for females
Anti- Tragus Piercing

Anti tragus piercing is one of the best types of ear piercing done on the outer side of the ear which lies just opposite to the tragus. As the size of anti-tragus varies from people to people, it gets difficult to pierce in some. Anti-tragus piercing is found to be done by people who have a genuine love to body piercing. It gives a catchy, unique and stylish looks but needs a lot of care and assistance as it can be painful during the insertion and putting off the earring. Circular and curved barbells can be used in this type of ear piercing. The Anti-Targus Piercing is still amongst the most popular types of ear piercings for females and offers many cool earing option styles. The typical price for an anti-tragus piercing is around $30-100 depending on where you live.

8. Rook Piercing

Rook Piercing- most popular type of ear piercings for females
Rook Piercing

Rook piercing is done by perforating of anti-helix of the ear and is regarded as one of the most painful and difficult type of ear piercing. Initially tried by a professional piercer Erik Dakota, this type of ear piercing can be done in different cartilages of the ear and also gives a very unique style than any other type of ear piercing. Any sort of modified jewelry can be worn in this piercing with the captive bead rings and the curved barbells being the most common. As this type of piercing is difficult, individuals require assistance to wear and remove the jewelry from their ear. Also, stretching of holes in the entrance and exit parts should not be done as they may cause problems in the cartilage.

7. Daith Piercing

Daith piercing- most popular type of ear piercing
Daith Piercing

‘Daith’ is a Hebrew word meaning ‘wisdom’.  It is done by piercing the ear’s innermost cartilage fold also called as the crus of the helix. Ball closure ring, captive bead rings and curved barbells are wore in this type of piercing. This type of piercing is done to wear a thin wired jewelry so as to prevent damage to other parts of ear. A right daith piercing is done in a way that the bottom part of the jewelry ring come directly out of the ear canal with both entrance and exit holes of the ring. Small bead rings and thin jewelry makes this type of piercing look trendy and cool.

6. Earlobe Gauging/Stretching

Earlobe gauging or stretching- popular type of ear piercing females.
Earlobe Gauging/Stretching

Earlobe gauging or stretching has been a part of lobe piercing and is a new trend in this field of fashion. This type of piercing provides place for gems of bigger inner diameters and the ear lobe are stretched to make it big enough for adjustments. As the ear lobes are highly elastic, this type of stretching does not cause much pain but could lead to tear and bleeding sometimes. Several types of jewelry used in ear piercing are plugs or eyelets. This type of ear piercing can also be done by dermal punching by cutting out holes in cartilages that could fix large sized gems in the ear lobe.

5. Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing- most popular ear piercing trend for women
Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing has become the fastest growing ear-piercing type among younger generations as this type of ear piercing makes people more noticeable. Also termed as Scaffold piercing, industrial piercing is done by making two punches in the upper part of the cartilaginous ear. These two holes are then connected by a jewelry which can be a curved barbell or a small hoop. This has been considered as the newest form of ear piercing with its growing popularity among teenagers. Industrial piercing is also not much prone to infections or wounds.

4. Conch Piercing

Conch piercing- type of ear piercing
Conch Piercing

Conch piercing are done at the center of the ear with a large gauge ear piercing needle. It has been one of the most popular type of ear piercing in the 21st century. With two different types: inner and outer conch piercing, it provides a fashionable side view of any person especially females. Mostly popular among women of age 30 and more, it gives stylish as well as sporty look with barbell or small gem earrings. Healing also is faster in this type of piercing and could take around 2-10 weeks.

3. Anti- Helix Piercing

Anti Helix ear piercing- type of ear piercing for girls
Anti- Helix Piercing

Also called as the ‘Snug piercing’, the anti-helix piercing is one of the most painful type of ear piecing, yet is very much popular among rock band members. It is very difficult to insert or put of the jewelry as the entrance and the exit holes are not easy to mark as in other types of piercing. Small hoops or curved barbells could be worn together with rook piercing in anti-helix ear piercing. This type of piercing could take an ear to heal because of injury so it should be performed with someone more proficient at this type of piercing.

2. Helix Piercing

Helix piercing- most popular type of ear piercing for ladies
Helix Piercing

Helix piercing has been the most enjoyed ear-piercing type in the Western world. The upper ear part towards the rim also called as the helix is punctured in this kind of piercing. However, because of the presence of soft cartilage in the helix, it takes a bit more time to heal and if infected, the aperture might be lost until the wound would heal. Piercing guns and bigger needles are used in this ear piercing. People embellish their ear with two ball earrings, studs, gem closed rings and metal rings mostly with a good pattern to make themselves more attractive.

1. Lobe Piercing

Lobe piercing- best type of ear piercing for women
Lobe Piercing

The most popular area to piece ears are the lobes and this type of piercing is the most popular form in the world. As it is the softest and the largest part of the ear, it has been one of the best options to get ears pierced without any problem. As it is less painful because of no cartilage, it is one of the most adopted type of ear piercing in people of all age groups. Lobe piercing also gives a wide range of earring options varying on different sizes, lengths, designs and colors. More than one piece of jewelry has also been a new fashion trend as there is a larger space to accommodate those.

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Body piercing has been a modern fashion trend in people all around the world and ear piercing is what everyone feels to have. The list above is just an inclusion of some of the most widely chosen type of ear piercing by people all around the world. Specific procedures and sterilized needles should always be a concern to avoid any sort of harmful contact. Body piercing can lead to big problems and even cause epidemic that can’t be cured so one must take specific care while going for an ear piercing. Also, making sure about the right selection of jewelry, something light and trendy would always make you fashionable. So, if you are confident about it, find the right place where you could get your ear pierced and don’t forget to care about it until the wound heals.

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