Top 10 Most Unusual Pictures of All Time

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7. The Time Traveler



 This photo was taken in 1941 and looks like any other random picture at the first peek. But if we notice, there is a man on the right side of the picture who is different from all the other people. He seems to have a modern hairstyle and clothes along with a digital camera in his hand while the first digital camera was invented years later.

6. Mary and the UFO


Most Unusual Pictures mary and the ufo

This picture, painted in the 19th century, is a little odd in every sense and is one of the famous ones on the internet. As the focus of this picture is on Mary, if we look closer, there is an object flying just above her head in the back which looks like a flying saucer. Below that, a man and his dog are looking at the flying saucer too. A UFO was discovered later after several years and to this date, this picture stays unexplainable.

5. Battle of LA


Most Unusual Pictures battle of LA

A photo was published in Feb, 1942 in the Los Angeles Times in which the search lights are directed towards a spaceship that is flying away from the scene. This photo along with the news proved the existence of aliens and took the world by a storm. It was later concluded that the photo must be heavily edited in order to make it look better and then publish it in the paper. But to this date, it is one of the weirdest of all time.

4. The Ghostly Airman


Most Unusual Pictures the ghostly airman

This picture is from a group representation of Sir Victor Goddard’s Regiment, which served in WWI. At the top of the picture, there appeared to be a person named Freddy Jackson, who was killed 2 days ago from a plane’s propeller. This photo was taken on the day of his funeral and most of the people concluded that his ghost must have appeared to participate in the picture. Apart from that, there is nothing that could be explained about this photo.


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