Top 10 Most Unusual Pictures of All Time

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3. Man on the Fake Moon


Most Unusual Pictures man on the fake moon

This must be the most controversial and unexplained picture of all time. In this picture, Neil Armstrong is standing alongside the American flag on the moon for the first time. Notice how the flag is waving like it does in the wind but moon has no air on wind on it. At first, nobody noticed this odd thing in the picture as everybody was excited that a human has reached the moon but later on, the conspiracy theorists concluded that the whole tour to the moon was staged and fake.

2. Falcon Lake Incident


Most Unusual Pictures falcon lake incident

On May 20, 1967, Stefan Michalak was present in the forests nearby Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada after he witnessed two cigar shaped spaceships land near him. When one of the spaceship’s doors was opened, Michalak heard a lot of weird voices, and then decided to interconnect with the presences inside the ship. He moved towards the door of the ship, but couldn’t see a thing inside except a “maze of lights” according to him. Unexpectedly, the spaceship’s door closed, and the thing initiated to rise above in the sky. It then extracted a kind of hot air at Michalak by a grid-like opening that started to burn his shirt up in flames. At a native hospital, doctors were mystified by the gridded burn design all over Michalak’s chest, which can be seen in the photo.

1. Black Knight Satellite

Most Unusual Pictures black knight satellite

There is an ancient dark object that has been orbiting the Earth for approximately 13000 years and is unidentified by every country on the Earth. Nobody knows how it got there or what it does but it looks like a thing which could be handling a lot of work. This photo was shot in 1998 in the course of an American space shuttle assignment to the International Space Station. It was named as “The Black Knight Satellite” due to its color.

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