Top 10 Mythical Creatures from Ancient Mythology

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The world has witnessed varieties of cultures and their own folklores over the past. These myths are not any short of fanciful creatures which are, though non-existent, quite popular among us. The world itself is never any short of creatures and is pretty easy to believe the stories of any such nonexistent names, if heard. From bed-time stories to movies, we have been listening about a number of creatures that we ourselves are not sure if they are for real. These creatures are mythical and are supposed to only exist in stories, yet it could be hard to accept that easily.

Such is the fame of those creatures that it could be heard from many people near us. These creatures are believed to possess some sort of power beyond this world or some with definite purposes and intentions. That might sound ludicrous at first, but the longtime belief from past has made it quite convincing and at least, they are widely believed as to be some type of symbolization. They are portrayed as creatures with hybrid physical combinations of that of the living creatures and out worldly strength and ability. There are many such creatures from cultures to cultures, some of which are heard about all over the world.

Here is a list of top 10 famous mythical creatures from ancient mythology who stories are spread all over the world.

10. Minotaur

minotaur- mythical creaturesGreece is no short in mythical creatures and Minotaur is one of the most popular mythological creatures of this place. It is impersonated as a man but with a bull’s head, as described by a roman poet: ‘part human and part bull’. Greek mythology stated a creature with name Minotaur who resided lurking in the center of a labyrinthine, and waiting of the trespassers and was eventually killed. However, later Minotaur was used as a collective name of similar creatures. Minotaur has been a subject of mythological based films such as “The chronicles of Narnia: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe”, “The God Complex” and so on.

9. Medusa

medusa- mythical creatures from ancient mythologyMedusa is one of the most famous female mythical creatures from ancient Greek myth, having venomous serpents around her head instead of hair. There are many convincing stories surrounding Medusa. Few of them label her as one of the three mortal sisters born of monstrous form. She is described as dreadful as well as beautiful by some archaic sculptures and poets. However, in some myths, she was a pulchritude maid, “the jealous aspiration of many suitors” as portrayed by old Roman poet Ovid. But then she was found raped by God of sea, Poseidon in Athena’s temple. And then furious Athena transformed Medusa’s hair into serpents and gave her a look so dreadful that just a glance into her face would turn any beholder into stone. However, regardless of her origin, most of the mythos says similar about her beheading by Perseus. The myth about Medusa is best cited in the movie “The Clash of Titans”.

8. Kraken

kraken- mythical creature from ancient mythologyKraken has been a widespread name of terror in many supernatural marine stories and films. It is a fabulous Scandinavian sea monster, often represented as resembling an island, but sometimes as resembling an immense octopus. It is a one of the mythical creatures, dwelling in the sea, which is believed to be monstrous and gigantic enough to destroy a voyaging ship. Legends mention these creatures mostly in the coastal regions of Greenland and Norway. Kraken is mentioned in many mythological paintings, sculptures, stories and movies and they depict this creature as a giant one, similar to octopus and having tentacles too.

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