Top 10 Mythical Creatures from Ancient Mythology

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7. Griffin

Griffin- mythical creatures from ancient mythologyA griffin is a Greek mythological creature, resembling to a hybrid of a lion and eagle. As lion is considered as king of animals and eagle that of birds, griffin is believed to the most powerful and intelligent creature of this world. It consists of a back part that of lion and front part of eagle with wing and front legs as eagles talon. However, the forelimbs of lion, eagle head having ears and no wings in male griffin have also been reported. Also known as griffon, it is also found to be followed by the artists of Egypt and Persia in ancient time. The antiquity arts and sculptures suggest the creature has been believed as a symbol of divine power and strength, bravery and boldness and is often found guarding significant and precious belongings.

6. Unicorn

unicorn- mythical characters from ancient mythologyOne of the most famous mythical creatures that looks like a white horse but with a large, pointed and spiraled horn in its forehead and with split hooves is believed to be a unicorn. Yet there is no any concrete description about unicorn, as some also describe this woodland creature with wings and beard like that of goat too. It is considered to be a symbol of purity and grace. It is found that some of the European myths have mentioned an animal matching mostly with unicorn under different names. As the myth says, only virgin are supposed to be able to trap a unicorn. Some also says that the horn of a unicorn has the ability to cleanse the poisonous water and turn it drinkable.

5. Yeti

Yeti- mythical creatures from ancient mythologyYeti is a legendary creature resembling most to an ape and taller than an average human. The large hairy humanoid creatures are believed to reside in the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet and are the part of some far-flung mythical stories. Yeti remains as one of the most famous subject in Cryptozoology as scientist as unable to ply any scientific concluding facts and evidences. Not only the residents in Himalayas, but also the tourists and mountaineers have regularly claimed to have seen unearthly creature resembling the Yeti.

4. Phoenix

phoenix- mythical creatures from ancient mythologyPhoenix is an ancient bird of Greek mythology. The myth surrounding this creature is mostly followed by ancient Christianity and this mythical bird symbolized some aspects of the religion. There are several myths surrounding this creature, yet all tells about the same: the cycling order of dying and regeneration from the ashes of the predecessor. Most of the myths describe this bird as vigorous, animated and colorful as it stands above all other birds. However in Egyptian myth, an almost similar creature is mentioned which is believed to have relation with fire and sun.

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