Top 10 Mythical Creatures from Ancient Mythology

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3. Werewolf

were wolves- mythological creatures from ancient mythologyWerewolf, also known as lycanthrope, is one of the widespread and revered mythical characters in European folklore that is thought to be able to metamorphose into a wolf-like creature. The werewolf is portrayed as different in different cultures; however, in common, they are similar to wolf but being giant with human voice and eyes and no tail. It is also said these creatures in human form bear subtle traits such as dense eyebrows, low-set and pointed ears and curved fingernails. According to the legend, these creatures seem normal in human form while, on transformation, are violently horrendous and believed to feed on human beings. These creatures are envisaged as being tolerant to usual harms, nevertheless, feeble with silver wounds. The transformation into the wolf is believed to be either on purpose, by affliction or in the presence of full moon and can be temporary as well as permanent too. Many suppose the cause of werewolf possibly by cursing, enchantment or by the contagion. The concept of werewolf makes the supernatural stories no less interesting and hence is frequently encompassed in such literatures, stories and movies.

2. Vampire

vampires- mythical characters from ancient mythologyVampires are one of the most fearsome mythological creatures. There are no less myths about the todays-vampire like characters in all over the world, yet the common belief is that, vampires are undead of livings, with abnormally long teeth and nails, feeding on the blood of humans. They were believed most by the people living near to the graves as it was alleged the dead bodies missing from graves and spills of fresh blood found in the dead bodies. The fear and believe of vampires became so popular in ancient periods in Europe that the mass hysteria led to the accusation of vampirism and execution. Many believe vampires being nocturnal creatures and can’t stand the sunlight. They have been the most popular figures of dreadful and supernatural creatures in fictitious stories, plots, literatures and movies.

1. Dragon

dragons- mythical characters from ancient mythologyThere would be very few who have not even heard of dragon. These are probably the most famous mythical creatures and are pretty hard to take that they exist only on the myths of some cultures. The built and look of these creatures varies with the cultures yet in common, these creatures resembles much to serpentine or reptiles. Basically there two cultures with their own dragon myths: the European culture and the Asian one (china, japan, Korea and East Asia). The two cultures might have described the mythical creatures in their own way, however, nowadays due to the cultural contact; the concept is most the same. These creatures are supposed to bear some supernatural abilities such as wings to fly, breathing fire and poison. Most of the myths present these dragons as antagonist, however, roles of the dragons in favor of general people has also been heard. Dragons are so popular that they are the part of most of the supernatural stories, literatures and movies.


From young ones to olds, no-one in the world would be unheard of any such mythological creatures. They have become a part of our interests, from stories to movies and literatures, which we became so found of. They have fit well in the fictitious and supernatural movies, plots and stories with their unearthly characteristics, forms, powers and abilities. Their stories are so persuasive and compelling that it is not any easy to ignore their existence without thinking a while.

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