Top 10 Oldest Inventions in the World

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3. Clothing

clothing- oldest inventions in the world

Another important invention in the earliest phase of human civilization was clothing. The earliest clothing is believed to have consisted of fur, leather, leaves or grass that were wrapped or tied about the body for protection. The study of origins of clothing has been quite cumbersome as the materials used for clothing then deteriorated quickly, almost as is the case of modern times. Early sewing needles are identified to have been made from bone and ivory and date to about 30,000 BC. The earliest use of fabric is commonly believed to be in the form felt dating back to about 100,000 years ago. Clothing helped human civilization to a great extent as it provided the medium for shielding and protection from different adversities that could otherwise inflict the human body.

2. Housing

Housing-oldest inventions in the worldHousing is another important discovery which has been of great importance to mankind ever since the days it came into existence. The primitive humans made use of caves for shelter. The building of huts, based upon the recent findings of Japanese archaeologists, however dates back to as early as 500,000 BC. The evidence of their findings is the site residing on a hillside at Chichibu, north of Tokyo dating back to the time of Homo erectus. It consists of seemingly ten post holes, which form two irregular pentagons. These are thought to be the remains of two huts. Housing can be considered as a great scientific innovation during those ages because with its discovery, human civilization got the benefits of shelter, warmth, protection and others.

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1. Fire

fire- oldest and ancient invention in the worldWe have placed fire atop our listings of scientific inventions from the ancient word. It is often considered as the best discovery throughout the ancient ages that spurred the development of human civilization in many ways. Evidence of cooked food from as early as 1.9 million years ago suggest there was indeed human use of fire around that time. There are theories on use of fires in a controlled fashion dating back to about 1,000,000 years ago. The evidences are more common around 50 to 100 thousand years ago. The ability to control fire marked dramatic change in the conducts of early humans. Fires being the source of heat and light was of great advantage. It became possible for ancient people to cook food leading to increase in the diversity and handiness of nutrients. The heat produced would also help people to stay warm in cold weather. This expanded human settlement to cooler climates. Fires were also of great help to fight against nocturnal predators.

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Sometimes, it looks like there’s nothing to invent new around us. Almost everything seems to have been thought of well by fellow humans from the past. Think you have a new idea, somebody has already worked on it decades ago. But when we look carefully, there are so many to still watch out for, work out for and invent. It is simply a farcical idea to think that our ancestors had it easy to invent something new. Of course, they had lots of things uninvited at their time. But to do so with considerably less resources at their disposal, compared to now, was a really colossal deed. This article is an attempt to remember the particular scientific inventions from the past, significant and notable ones, taking into consideration their impact on future, assistance to mankind and significance in uses.

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