Top 10 Personality Traits of a Gemini

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The position of stars determine our nature? It is the topic in which the wise have spoken, the fools have spoken, everyone seems to have their own opinion. But one thing cannot be stopped from being noticed. There does seem to be a pattern among people of a certain zodiac signs. Whether it is in how they perceive a situation or how they react to it, there seems to be some thread linking the people of same zodiac. Out of the 12 regions of the pie chart in which the entire population is classified by Astrology, let’s talk about one Zodiac sign, “Gemini”.

The people born from May 21 to June 20 fall in this zodiac sign. Clever, imaginative, witty, sharp, wise are the glow in the dark features of Gemini. While indecisive, restless, multiple personalities are the dark sides of Gemini. Born to be leaders, this zodiac is characterized mainly by their sharp brain and they use it to lead the herd. They don’t like to be dictated, they don’t like to follow the trail and this makes them charming and unique. But indecisiveness, multiple sides which people frequently know and lack of perseverance often holds them back.

Gemini- traits of a person with gemini astrological sign

They are filled with the energy, clever with the words and funny in their expression. They can change themselves as the time demands. They adapt to the situations extremely well. They are born to be leaders and will not tolerate anyone under their nose or anyone creating nuisance for them. If the world was driving along, then the Gemini would be the the one in the driver’s seat, if the world was sailing, Gemini would be the captain, Gemini would be the sailor. So, they are often misinterpreted as sticking their nose in others business but they are ones who need to get the work done their way, whether the work is theirs or not. Being the excellent communicator, Gemini leave the ones they talk in awe often making others impossible to ignore their thoughts and ideas.

So, to list, here are the top 10 personality traits of a gemini.

10. The Manipulative Ones

manipulative nature- personality traits of a geminiYou will be going determined to north and if you meet a Gemini and he wants to make you go South. You will go south. Gemini have an extraordinary power of manipulation. They are like those wizards who can get things done their way from anyone they wish to. Being excellent at communication and having sharp brain, they tend to brainwash and manipulate people at the blink of an eye.

9. Easy Going

ease going- personality traits of a gemini“Keep Calm and Carry on”, this is the motto of Gemini. They rarely break. They rarely freak out. They are like those steady going people who have a steady straight line of mental status in a bar graph. They are positive thinkers and repel themselves away from the pessimists and keep steady ahead without a sign of sweat on their body.

8. Many Friends But Close To Very Few

many friends close to few- personality traits of a geminiEver notice those people who handshake like a million people on the way to college or school but always have launch with the same two people who they sit with? Well put a Gemini stamp on their forehead. Because of their charm and cleverness they know exactly what to say and adapt to the situation very well and hence have a ton of friends. But at the end of the day they are close to only a few people and within their close circles only.

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  1. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that the position of stars, or the date of one’s birth for that matter, affect one’s personality or fate in any way whatsoever. Astrology is just an invention of con men to fool the naive.


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