Top 10 Personality Traits of a Gemini

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7. The Seducer

seducer- personality traits of a geminiWell if Joey Tribbiani or Barney Stinson or James Bond were the real ones then their zodiac will most probably be Gemini. They are one hell of a smooth talker. They will make you fall for them even before you’ve known their name. Cocktail of charm, smoothness and wittiness combined, Gemini are like the sorcerer when it comes to seducing people.

6. Faithful To The Ones They Love

Faithful To The Ones They Love- common gemini traitsA man is faithful by nature to the ones who they love. This may be true or may not be true. But Gemini? They are always faithful to the ones they love. They are the ones to stand beside you in the darkest hour, in the deepest despair. They will be the ones to hold your hands when the rest of the world is turning their back. When it comes to being faithful, the zodiac you’re looking for is Gemini.

5. Forgives But Not Forgets

forgives but not forgets- personality traits in a person with gemini astrological sign“Yes, it is okay. But no, I won’t be trusting you anymore”, well this is the attitude of Gemini in a nutshell. They are tender and don’t want any complexes with people. They will be the ones to come with peace treaty in a war and also will be the ones to ensure there is enough security in the border for the time ahead. They cannot live with knowing in the head that there is tension among them and others. But can also not forget what they did.

4. The Brainy Ones

brainy ones- personality traits of a gemini“Brainy is the new sexy”, said Sherlock Holmes and if this holds true then well the sexiest zodiac is Gemini. They are sharp, they are clever, they are quick learners. You’ll be teaching gemini something and all you’ll know is that after few moments you are the one who is in the student’s seat. Quick and paced learning defines a Gemini. They are these sharp people who regard brain as their weapon against the world.

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  1. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that the position of stars, or the date of one’s birth for that matter, affect one’s personality or fate in any way whatsoever. Astrology is just an invention of con men to fool the naive.


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