Top 10 Personality Traits of a Gemini

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3. More Than Two Personalities

two personalities- personality traits of a geminiThey jump from being the clown of the city to the grand philosopher of life in blink of an eye. They are the ones with whom one day you can sit and laugh and next day you can sit and cry. They are not stagnant with their personalities and it fluctuates within weeks, days, or even hours. One day with the philosopher’s pen and next day with the party shoes, you’ll never know which side of Gemini you’re going to get today!!

2. Sensitive But Clever At Hiding It

clever at hiding but sensitive- personality trait of a person with gemini astrological signJust a bit of harsh words or awkward behaviors trigger the sensitive nature of Gemini. They have a heart at the deep which is absolutely not for display. But their sensitive nature is perfectly wrapped by their humor. They are the ones who will be like crying in the heart and making fun and laughing outside. Tender, soft hearted but concealing it well and never letting others know that they are even hurt. That is a trademark of Gemini.

1. Amazing Sense Of Humor

sense of humor- personality traits of geminiHow often do you go on a date and listen to the other person trying so hard to be funny and you just do a pity laugh. You want to be nice so you just pretend to laugh along at their nonsense jokes. Well, that won’t happen with people of Gemini zodiacs. They are the most funny ones of the whole zodiac signs. The witty, sharp humor defines a Gemini. They are the ones who tell the most simple things in extremely funny way!!


Gemini people are fast and speedy ones of mind. Brain is their bread and butter. Brain is their god, brain is their religion. Brain is their worship. They are not the ones to nod along but are the ones to stand out and speak. They speak their mind. They are not afraid of consequences. But they do lack the continuity of work in a project or anything and frequently jump from one thought to another, one idea to another. So the ones who make routine but never stick to it are most likely to be the Gemini. They dump the negative people around them and would rather walk alone with their shadows rather than with a pessimistic holding their hands. In one sentence: Clever, witty, sharp, funny, talkative, indecisive, sensitive, loyal, friendly and leaders and pioneers of their field, well that is what Gemini is about.

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  1. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that the position of stars, or the date of one’s birth for that matter, affect one’s personality or fate in any way whatsoever. Astrology is just an invention of con men to fool the naive.


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