Top 10 Photography Tips for Beginners

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Have you been lured by photography in recent days? Have you been thinking about getting started with photography? Did you get recently yourself a camera but have no idea what you are to do to start clicking with it? Are you confused about taking the first step of photography?

The main idea of photography is capturing an image with the help of light. If you are thinking of taking photography as a profession or developing an interest in it, you are doing it right. Photography is a great hobby to pick up with. It helps you keep the memories for a long time. It helps you capture beautiful moments you would never want to let go. Due to digitalization of photography, it has now become easy to take and share photos through internet with ease. But for that, you first need to get good pictures. Generating beautiful pictures is not a child’s play. For that, you need much practice and dedication in different genres of photography. Anyone can take pictures. But not everyone can take better ones.

Photography could be a bit daunting at the beginning. And it’s impossible to list all the things you need to know about photography at once. There could a list of things to keep in mind for the beginners in photography that could be dragging. But here are few of them to take into account as a starter.

Have these 10 tips in your mind while clicking pictures and you could end up with beautiful pictures.

10. Expensive equipment isn’t everything

expensive camera isn't everything- photography tips for beginnersMost of us think that bulky cameras and lenses give good pictures. Owning expensive equipment simply doesn’t make one a photographer. What you need to have is ‘an eye for photography’ like the journalists should have ‘nose for news’. A person with many lenses and an expensive DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera could produce a picture worth good quality, but not necessarily better pictures. You can get beautiful pictures even with your phone camera if you have a creative mind and a photographic eye. You can actually get very good pictures with an inexpensive camera. You can begin with a simple compact camera or even with your phone camera. And when you know it’s time for you to upgrade, you can get yourself the kind of camera you know you require.

9. Have your camera with you all the time

have your camera with you all the time- photography tips for beginnersThe main thing in photography is the CAMERA! Do you carry your camera wherever you go? You are walking down the street when you see a plane crashing. If you don’t have a camera at this situation, you will end up regretting later. If you have your camera with you at all times, you can take an advantage of an unexpected photographic opportunities. Having the camera with you increases the chance of your desire to take more photos. You see a beautiful girl in a traditional dress down the road; you click her if you have your camera with you. You can take out your camera and shoot anything interesting you find around. It also builds confidence in taking pictures. We have phones with good cameras these days. You could use it to take pictures too.

8. Learn it

learn it- photography tips for beginnersNo one becomes a good photographer just by owning a camera. Have you been going through books or internet to learn photography? If not, you should! You need some technical knowledge on it too. Go around learning from people who are professionals in photography, follow their updates in the internet and try polishing your skills. It has now become very feasible for the learners because you can get to know everything in the internet. Browse for the things that confuse you while operating the camera or trying to take the pictures. Find the books written on photography and go through it. You can make notes of them too. Learning by yourself is always a good idea. When you discover things yourself, you can remember them better. Also, one can formal education photography to train him/herself.

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  1. A very nice collection of tips. Another triangle is Eye, Brain, Heart. I have to admit that I don’t always carry a camera, sometimes I like looking at things without thinking about them, just enjoying the plays of nature. Can’t help but agree that it’s fundamental to learn the fundamentals!


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