Top 10 Photography Tips for Beginners

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7. Take care of little things while clicking

take care of little things- photography tips for beginnersYou should take care of the things like framing, focus, lighting while taking pictures. Make sure your photo has a point of interest. The point of interest in your photo is the main element you want to be noticed in your photo. In a photo that has a lake surrounded by a forest and sky above it, you might want to include a boat in the lake or a bird flying in the sky as a point of interest. Click the photos in the rule of thirds; this makes the photo more interesting. Have leading lines in your photo to increase the level of interest of the viewers in your photo. Use plain backgrounds; it shows the subject vividly. Use natural lighting in your pictures as much as possible; your pictures will look majestic. Avoid zoom. Get closer to the subject.

6. Memory card, Battery and equipment

memory card batteries- best photography tips for beginnersIt can get very annoying if your memory card gets filled in the middle of a photoshoot. You would have to stop and delete the old pictures to create space for new pictures. Or you would have to stop the photoshoot, get your bag and look for an empty card and change the memory card if you have one. This could be really unimpressive and embarrassing. It’s better to download all your images to your computer at the end of each day. And you are on the go! also, It’s depressing when you take your camera out to take pictures but it doesn’t turn on because the last time you charged it was before you used it ten times after charging it. What I mean to say is, you should not forget keeping your camera fully charged. Who knows when things come up and you should run to take pictures?

Also, forgetting your equipment is a sign of an amateur. If you are going on a trip, it is better to check out if you have all the camera equipment you require. You wouldn’t want to miss the memory card, or camera battery you left to charge last night on your table. The most important thing is the tripod. Never forget one. Tripods help pass over shaky photos.

5. Experiment with the viewpoint or angle

experiment with viewpoint or angle- best photography tipsLook for new angles with which you can take pictures. Find unique viewpoints which will make your photos look better. Move your camera up or down, left or right sides to get more interesting pictures. The photos can be taken to a whole new composition by playing with viewpoints. If you are photographing an object that cannot be moved, and you need a different background, all you can do is change the viewpoint. Don’t be hesitant to climb a tree or lay down. Just go explore new ways and angles to take the photo. Also, learn the camera angles. You wouldn’t want someone to say high angle, eye level, bird’s eye and keep you wondering what they are.

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4. The Exposure Triangle

exposure-triangle- beginner photography tipsExposure plays a vital role in getting a better picture. When you think of photography, the primary thing you should consider is exposure. Now, there are three other elements that control the exposure- ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Let’s find out what they are:

Aperture: It controls the lens diaphragm with which you can control the amount of light entering your camera. It is set by the f- number.

Shutter speed: is the duration in which the shutter opens and closes. It is measured in fractions of a second.

ISO speed: it’s the value which determines the camera sensor’s sensitivity to light. High ISO lets you to take pictures even in very less amount of light, and lower ISOs let you take pictures in presence of more light. Low ISO is better, but it is not always possible.

The change in one of these elements will affect the other.

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  1. A very nice collection of tips. Another triangle is Eye, Brain, Heart. I have to admit that I don’t always carry a camera, sometimes I like looking at things without thinking about them, just enjoying the plays of nature. Can’t help but agree that it’s fundamental to learn the fundamentals!


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