Top 10 Popular but Bizarre Futuristic Concept Hotels

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How different will staying at a hotel be ten or twenty years from now? No doubt, the silhouette of hotels are changing dramatically with ingenious architecture, but bizarre location and the human mind’s continual quest for innovation are the ones proving future hotels to be the quintessential anodyne for global nomads.

While green hotels are conspicuously nonexistent concepts and space hotels are still at the conceptual phase, others such as underwater hotels have been successfully put into effect with all the glory of science. So, in this ever changing scenario of the hotel industry, the future definitely looks promising, and here’s a look at ten of the most bizarre futuristic concept hotels.

10. Solar Floating Resort

Solar Floating Resort popular and bizarre hotel

An Italian industrial designer’s futuristic resort is as avant-garde as it is environmentally sentient. Convinced that the utmost utilization of solar energy is the key solution to environmental concerns involving global warming, Michele Puzzolante has made up his mind for a $125 million floating resort that will feature pod-like units along with a five-star hotel, capable of housing up to six people.

According to Puzzolente, a generator running purely on solar energy would power the entire resort and its units. This would be possible via artificial photosynthesis; chlorophyll molecules would be consumed to obtain electric current from light. Being based on a completely new structural element, the resort would be composed of 15mm inside and outside skin, each in balsa reinforced fiberglass.

The floating resort will have two presidential penthouses, 36 bedrooms, four suites and 12 junior suites. Each pod on the resort is estimated to cost $1.6 million. The resort’s units will feature a submarine-like underwater enclosure named the “observation bulb”, that will have space for six armchairs and over 360 square feet of living space.

The resort will be equipped will every amenity you need at sea, and will resemble part yacht and part submarine. And, while this futuristic hotel may sound too environmentally zealous to be true, Puzzolente has stated there have already been talks to construct the Solar Floating Resort in the Philippines.

9. Foldable Hotel Pods

foldable hotel pods bizarre futuristic hotels

What’s so exciting about the Hotel Pods is that they are fully foldable and transportable. The pods will be self-sustainable, and can be moved to exotic locations around the world. When a destination is not your cup of tea, the pods can be folded up and moved elsewhere! Furthermore, guests can focus images of their choice to design their own rooms; they can choose the images they want to appear on the walls of the hotel.

The architects behind the design of this spectacular futuristic hotel are the London-based m3 Architects whose previous designs include the Berlin’s Reichstag and the London Eye. Mobility is the main attraction of this design, and the pods are expected to have a minimal impact on the environment.

According to the architects, the Hotel Pods is a entirely feasible project with an estimated cost of $72 to $104 million to build it. The design has already received interests from ship owners, who have enough cargo space and dry docks to facilitate the construction of a pod.

8. Waterworld Hotel, China

Waterworld hotel, China- bizarre concept hotels

This breathtaking underwater hotel complex lies in the Sognjiang region of China. Proposed and designed by the Atkin’s Architecture Group, the Waterworld Hotel¬† is uniquely constructed with underwater public areas and guest rooms, all within the natural elements of the quarry. The august design was awarded the first prize in an international design competition held in 2011.

The hotel will feature 400 guest rooms along with cafes, restaurants and a sports area. Major attractions of the hotel include extreme sporting amenities including rock climbing, a luxurious swimming pool and even bungee jumping. And, all these will take place deep underwater as the hotel itself is located two levels underwater.

The amazing mix of seemingly feral nature and ultramodern luxury makes the Waterworld even more eye-catching. For those with a penchant for a vivid and tranquil holiday, there is a transparent glass waterfall along with several roof garden terraces atop the hill near the quarry. At the Waterworld, everything is worth your attention; even a walk along the steep edges of the quarry will get your blood pumping!

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