Top 10 Popular but Bizarre Futuristic Concept Hotels

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3. Aeroscraft – The Flying Hotel of Tomorrow

Aeroscraft - The Flying Hotel of Tomorrow

You have imagined flying cars, seen them quite often in movies, but have you ever thought of spending a night in a flying hotel? Well, the prototype of such a “flying hotel” is currently under development, and if you are lucky and wealthy enough, one day you may be one of the few enjoying your moment on that peculiar hotel.

Aeroscraft, a huge and luxurious hotel, will carry 250 wealthiest passengers across countries, continents and oceans. This non-dirigible airship weighing 400 tons is designed by Igor Pasternak at his firm – the Worldwide Aeros Corporation, California.

Aeroscraft is stated to have an area nearly equal to that of two football fields, hanging in the air with 14 million cubic feet of helium. With a flying speed of 280 km/h, it will have huge hydrogen fuel cell powered propellers and 6 turbofan jet engines. Additionally, electric propellers will be provided to minimize noise. The flying hotel will drive passengers at a flying height of 2.4 km. It will have a service ceiling of 12,000 feet and measure 210 feet in length.

The hi-tech amenities offered by the Aeroscraft will include a casino, restaurants and staterooms. Compared to airplanes, it will require less space on the ground as it does not require a runway; the flying hotel will take off and land like a helicopter – straight up and below, on ground, snow, and even water!

2. The Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai

The Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai

The Aperion Island Hotel will be Dubai’s second self awarded 7 star hotel, after the Burj Al Arab hotel. With an estimated project cost of $500 million, it will cover a total floor area of 200,000 meters square.¬†Designed by Sybarite Architects, the Apeiron will be accessible exclusively by boat or even by a helicopter for an even more extravagant entrance.

The 185m tall hi-tech futuristic hotel will boast over 350 luxury apartment suites and 28 floors, the walls and floors of which will look as if they are made of jewelries and gems. Additionally, it will feature a private lagoon, beaches, cinemas, restaurants, spas, conference facilities, shopping and an art gallery. The Apeiron Island will be 300 – 500 meters from the coast of Dubai, and a butterfly jungle with various tropical species will spotlight the hotel’s top two temperature-controlled floors.

Overall, the Apeiron will be a luxury destination for those who appreciate comfort, luxury and design, all in one. As for the creators, it will be dream come true if they succeed in their endeavor to combine the serene beauty of nature and sea with one of the most futuristic architecture ever proposed.

1. The Inflatable Space Hotel, Russia

The Inflatable Space Hotel, Russia

Imagine dining or enjoying a cup of coffee at some 515kms above the earth! Designed by the Biegelow Aerospace, the Inflatable Space Hotel will be located – elsewhere – not on earth, but in space! It will accommodate seven members of the space crew, and for the rest, it comes with a staggering price tag of $1 million a night per person.

The concept commenced with the launch of the “Genesis I” from Russia, and the preliminary phase of the project launched back in 2007. Various sections of the inhabitable CSS will be powered by solar cells to take their real shape in space. The hotel will be fully equipped with future hi-tech amenities including space yachts and moon cruisers.

The CSS Skywalker will boast a volume of 1,500 cubic meters, a mass of 1000 tons and a maximum diameter of 30m. To face the orbital debris and the wrath of the meteorites, it will feature hulls with each module made of three protective layers. An outer 18-inch thick covering entwined with foam and graphite composite will be additionally provided to protect the layers.

The overall concept of the Inflatable Space Hotel is a big challenge for the architects and the constructors as it fights to survive the fell space conditions. The project is still under development and is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. Acting as a human space complex, this futuristic hotel will certainly contribute to the promotion of space tourism in future, and may to some extent, stop our to and fro journey to space.


The hotel industry is surely going to be a big dent in future with the fast changing modes of travel; all thanks to the development of science and technology today. The global nomads are sure to be lured by the exotic rooms, and hi- tech facilities to be made available in the above mentioned list as they might just be considered second to the time-machine in becoming a reality.

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