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Photography refers to the science, art or a practice of creating highly influential and powerful visual images by recording electromagnetic radiations on a film. ‘Picture speaks thousands words’, Yes, it is all about imagining and seeing the result in the mind’s eye and capturing the same with a tool called the ‘Camera’. Photography is not just about having a great camera or a modern gear, it has always been about seeing things the better way, present them beautifully in a tangible form. Call it the most powerful and unique medium of expression and communication; it offers a dynamic variety of perception, execution and interpretation.

Shooting images is a creation; an art and the science of capturing perfect moments with several account of measures of angle, speed, light, distance, wind, and more. Photography has seen itself grow as a passion in people present in every nooks and corners of the world. Also, there are people who move abroad to study as well. With regards to the interests in people, photography can be done on different genres; in different fields. So, here we list the top 10 most popular photography genres that people are passionate about.

10. Astrophotography

Astrophotography- popular photography genreAstrophotography is a very specialized and high cost photographic genre aimed at capturing images of astronomical objects in the space. Used mostly for scientific researches this photographic genre is very much popular among space researches and scientists. Capturing of several new stars, nebula, planets and studying their details has been made possible because of astrophotography. However, this genre can be done using automatic robots or time sets which makes it a little easier. Several optical telescopes and astronomical CCD cameras are used with sensors in their to capture astronomical objects in the space.

9. Aerial Photography

Aerial photography- popular photography genreAerial photography is the photography where earth scenes are shoot from the space or from a place above the ground either through satellites or while in a plane or a helicopter. This photographic genres has been very much popular in places where transportation facilities are not available, yet has a great panoramic view of the earth. Aerial photography became very popular during the world wars. It has also been a topic of great interest these days and are used in cartography and in making of several topographic maps, environmental studies, movie production, artistic projects and surveillance. However,aerial photography is very much costly.

8. Architectural photography

architectural photography- popular photography genreArchitectural photography is one of the oldest form of photography where building, several real estates and structures of aesthetic beauty are captured. This photographic genre is specially concerned with the accurate portrayal of building and their structures without any edits than the artistic merit. Though this form seems easy to begin with, perfecting it is equally tough. Managing lighting and image distortion to create a glamorous display is a tough task and can get hectic at time. However, with the increase in tourism industry all over the world, architectural photography has been very popular among tourists. Also, it is one of most chosen photographic genre by engineers.

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