Top 10 Positive Health Benefits of Marijuana

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3. Helps in metabolism

Marijuana boosts metabolismAnother research published in “American Journal Of Medicine”, on April 15 2013 claimed that the marijuana smokers have healthier metabolism and reaction to sugars, even though they do end up eating more calories because of the munchies.The research was conducted on a group of people comprising of more than 4,500 adult Americans — 579 of whom were current marijuana smokers, meaning they had smoked in the last month. About 2,000 had used marijuana in the past, while another 2,000 had never used the drug. They studied their body’s response to eating sugars: their levels of the hormone insulin and their blood sugar levels while they hadn’t eaten in nine hours, and after eating sugar. The research ended in the conclusion that the marijuana smokers have better metabolism and their reaction towards sugar is also better.

2. Increases the creativity of brain

marijuana increases brain creativityIf you are desperate to enhance the creativity of your brain, you could well use marijuana because it has been found that marijuana use spurs on the creativity on the user. the marijuana stimulates the brain to the better performance and hence can be beneficial to instill more creativity into the brain. Other reports also have suggested that the marijuana smokers can become more fluent in speaking, upbeat, understanding and other drives.

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1. Helps those suffering from PTSD

marijuana cures PTSDIn New Mexico, marijuana has been given green light for medical research and use with of which the main reason behind being the possible use of marijuana in treatment of post-traumatic stresses disorder. Naturally occurring cannabinoids in marijuana, similar to THC, help to regulate the system that causes fear and anxiety in the body and brain and hence controls the PTSD.


The way things go around makes it as if no one should bother to think about the good effects of marijuana. However, as much as the general people despise it, it has several beneficial effects as mentioned above. Weather it may be illicit or a crime to use marijuana, however, its merits and uses should not be giver a blind eye just so. It may sound provoking, but marijuana deserves more regard.

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