Top 10 Most Powerful Female Leaders In the World

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Female leaders have always greatly influenced global politics and economy, establishing themselves to power and position. There are a few examples from history that women sometimes had ruled the powerful empires and today they are the leading figures in several political positions, corporate sector, industries and financial services sector, social activity and many more. It was during the late 19th century when feminist movement began in the west and Margaret Thatcher came to become the first women Prime minister of Britain in 1979. Since then, this world has witnessed several legendary women leaders who largely influenced the dynamics of world politics and power.

Global power and leadership is mostly exercised from political and economic concentration, and a many women have proved their capability to lead the world. Today, women with strong assortment and constructive background have arisen to important and influencing positions in the power equations of world politics and economy. Compelling personality and authoritative leadership quality is lifeblood factor of decision-making ability, which enables one to achieve consecutive success and power. And there are some powerful female leaders of these days, with such vigorous leadership quality, who are worth mentioning here.

So, here we list the top 10 most powerful female leaders in the world.

10. Indra Nooyi (1955- Present)

Indra Nooyi- Most powerful Female Leader in the World

Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, who was in 12th position in 2012 among top 100 power women, is now in the 10th position. PepsiCo is one of the world’s largest beverage industries, which Nooyi swiftly took to revenue boost. In the course of her career, Nooyi went through several struggles after her graduation; she became the chief financial officer of Tropicana and Quaker Oats Co in 2001 and finally became successful to attain the powerful position. PepsiCo has been rigorously competing with Coca-Cola and is in the way of food and beverage innovation. Nooyi has been successful in uplifting the poise of her company with considerable cut in liabilities and stock improvements.

9. Janet Yellen ( 1946- Present)

Janet Yellen- most powerful female leader in the world

Yellen has recently been nominated as chair of the US Federal Reserve by President Barrack Obama and will be the first woman to head the central bank in the history of the United States. Yellen has prolific academic background as an expert in economics and has also been honored as Professor Emerita at University of California. She has already served as CEO at Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and it was her impressive personality that led her to White House Council of Economic Advisors in 1997.  Yellen was appointed as vice-chair of Federal Reserve System in 2010, and now after her nomination, she is expected to redirect the dwindling economy of United States.

8. Sonia Gandhi (1946- Present)

Sonia Gandhi- most powerful female leader in the World

Sonia Gandhi has been serving as President of the Indian National Congress Party since 1998. Her political career developed after the assassination of Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi (also her husband) in 1991. Gandhi has been taking chair of opposition in the Indian Parliament since 2004, and she is often debated for about her son Rahul Gandhi coming back into Indian politics with hegemony of Gandhi family. There are frequent stories about sheer conflict between Gandhi and the present Prime Minister of India; Manmohan Singh, that Singh is likely to resign from the post before the general elections come in 2014. Gandhi is believed to be largely influential in political and governmental decision making process being the head of the reigning political party.

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