Top 10 Most Powerful Female Leaders In the World

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3. Melinda Gates (1964- Present)

Melinda Gates- powerful female leader in the world

Melina Gates is co-chair of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates foundation has been spending billions every year in social responsibility, especially in health programs. After graduating from Duke University, Gates met Bill in 1987 at Microsoft where she was working as a product manager and developer. Gates is one of the active philanthropists working for public welfare with several campaigns worldwide. The Gates Foundation has set its main goal to eliminate polio worldwide by 2018. Gates is also curious in helping governments in improving public services, eradicating poverty and reforming education system. Having already distributed numbers of grants, Gates believes in resourceful role of philanthropy in building happier world with happy people.

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2. Dilma Rousseff (1947- Present)

Dilma Rousseff- powerful female leader in the world

Dilma Rousseff is the present and of course the first lady President of Brazil. Rousseff was a socialist revolutionary and the circumstances in 1970 threw her into jail for three years, where she was severely tortured. She served as energy minister under the government of President Lula da Silva in 2003 and also became chief of staff for five years. Rousseff is said to be very rigid in the issues of energy and finance, and is also ready to encounter challenges from the US in terms of diplomatic pressurizations. After facing dissatisfaction and aggression from public, Rousseff has been seriously commending to work with transparency in order to facilitate the public life of people of Brazil. Rousseff is determined to improve Brazilian economy with increase in investment expenditure, which in turn will encourage both domestic and international marketplace in the country. Rousseff has openly cautioned the US and National Security Agency for spying on her activities.

1. Angela Merkel (1954- Present)

Angela Merkel- most powerful female leader in the world

Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany for last eight years and has constantly been in the top list of the most powerful female leader for nearly a decade. Again, she is also the first woman in Germany to become the Chancellor and has been successful to win the re-election held in September 2013. Merkel has played a vital role in helping European economy to control debt crisis of Euro Zone. Merkel, a scientist by education, was drifted into politics during 1989 and with active dedication; she eventually served in several important positions and finally got elected as head of CDU Party in 2000. Merkel possesses exceptional personality with influential leadership quality and is a center of European Union politics and economy. Her areas of concern are mainly domestic and international policies, public life and energy and sustainability issues. Merkel was chair of G8 meet in 2007 and her role was decision making in configuring economic agendas in the EU. Merkel is not only considered as a powerful woman but also as a consistent female leader in the world.

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Today there are many female leaders working at decision making level but their influential power doesn’t rest over the positions, it is rather based upon their will and role in fighting with responsibility. Women possess a capability to lead in a more constructive way, where they are careful in maintaining power and control and restricting abuse of power. All powerful and influential women leaders in the world have emerged from destitutions and successively directed the movement of global society towards a brighter future. Women themselves are the most important and inevitable part of changing aspects of the world and their dependable leadership can be crucial in guiding solutions to contemporary problems of politics and power.

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