Top 10 Problems in the World Today

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7. Climate change

climate change- problems in the world todayClimate change doesn’t happen itself. We human are a major reason for it. Burning fossil fuels, greenhouse gases are few reasons of climate change. Our mountains are melting as a result of climate change. Who knows when our world could be drowned by water as a result of melting of the mountains? Rise in sea level and temperature could invite more diseases which could make it difficult to live.

Due to climate change, it could become harder to produce crops. Winters will become more biting and summer will be higher temperatures. Human beings are being inhuman to nature and exploiting it to the bits. It is said that man is the worst enemy of environment. It’s the time to prove this assumption wrong.

6. Refugee

refugee- problems in the world todayPeople are forced to flee from their nation due to many fears of persecutions.  As to UNHCR, the number of refugee that is recognized by it stands 10.4 million (2013). There are number of reasons behind a man being termed as “asylum seeker” (refugee). The racial background, his political opinion, his religion views and many other things forces them to seek for livelihood in other nation. In the year 1959, more than 150,000 Tibetans were forced to flee from Tibet after its conflict with China.

And a lot of them now stay in India and Nepal with no future as they don’t hold any sorts of passports and nationality although a huge number may have born in that particular region. Meanwhile, in the year 1991 more than 100,000 Nepalese ethnic communities were forced to leave the kingdom of Bhutan. In the year 1979, due to the invasion of Russia over Afghanistan followed by the U. S attack led to more than 6 million Afghanis to flee Afghanistan to neighboring Pakistan and Iran. This is a huge issue faced by the world today.

5. Unemployment

unemployment- problems in the world todayDo you often see young people just lurking around doing no job? Well, there are a lot of people doing that. According to ILO, there were 73 million jobless people in the world in 2013. Unemployment has been escalating since people lack skills and education. It has become more difficult to find jobs that match their skills and knowledge. There also are cases in which people choose not to work.

Few countries do not allow women to work.  Leaders seem to be more concerned about this issue but just in words. They promise to work on solving it but in vain. What we need today is skilled manpower that can take risk and start working. Unemployment is the biggest crisis faced by the world today.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Problems in the World Today”

  1. Seems to me that climate change will remedy overpopulation and poverty will solve obesity. So scratch those self limiting phenomena off your list of worries. As population declines, unemployment will cease.

    Damn, I nearly solved all the world’s problems in one comment. Do I get a Nobel Prize?


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