Top 10 Problems in the World Today

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4. Severe Income Disparity

severe income disparity- problems in the world todayThe income disparity is amongst the biggest issue that our world is facing. The income inequality amongst the population affects the whole economy of a nation. Basically, the population of the developing nation faces such disparity but however, the financial crisis has led in disparities in developed nations too. With Globalization, the purchasing power of the products by the middle class seems to be difficult keeping inflation in hand.

The sustainable growth of the nation gets affected and the pace of disparity increases in longer terms. The tax system levied by the Government to its citizen does have some contribution in disparity. So the progressive tax system can be the way to eliminate disparity to some extent.

3. Poverty

poverty- problems in the world todayMost of us are busy gobbling up food four or five times a day. Do we know what being starved feels like? We have good food to eat in our part of the world. But there are people who drink infected water to relieve their hunger. Maybe if we bring a group of rich people in the world together shed light on poverty in front of them, they would do something about it.

Poverty has whelmed not just third world countries but also the country like United States. Poverty doesn’t exist by itself, but by the uneven distribution of wealth among the people in the world. The food few people waste is enough to fill the stomach of the poverty stroke people in the world.

2. Population growth

population growth- problems in the world todayIf you get off to the market, you might not find what you actually were looking for but you certainly will find a monstrous crowd that’ll suck the soul out of your body. The world’s natural sources are limited compare to its population. The shortage of natural resources and diversity makes increasing population even bigger issue that the world has encountered.  Not only limited to the natural resources, the world faces bigger issue with unemployment, poverty and disparities. 

The current World population measures the staggering 7 billion (approx) and it is growing at 1.14 % a year despite all of the remedies taken. The population has increased due to high growth rate in developing nation due to unavailability of protective measures and proper knowledge regarding the consequences.

The increasing population is destroying nature in order to fulfill their desires which have lead in other natural disaster too, affecting even more on living beings.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Problems in the World Today”

  1. Seems to me that climate change will remedy overpopulation and poverty will solve obesity. So scratch those self limiting phenomena off your list of worries. As population declines, unemployment will cease.

    Damn, I nearly solved all the world’s problems in one comment. Do I get a Nobel Prize?


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